I did it…plus a pic

27 Jan

I completed the project I started this blog with – a slouchy blazer.  It was a very simple sew project as there was no lining.  Bear in mind that this was my first ever item of clothing i’ve ever sewed myself.

Check out the results:

slouchy blazer

It’s not perfect – i still need to get to grips with lining up the grain of the material and making ultra neat seams so all elements lie straight.  I also need to CONCENTRATE – having to unstitch a whole arm because i sewed it on inside out was not the most fun i’ve ever had!

The staff in my local haberdashery helped out too.  I did not realise you weren’t supposed to match the thread to the material – you have to go a shade darker.  Thanks guys!

So on to next project … I’m going to be knitting a cowl neck but so far its not going great.  First time with circular needles – it would be comical if it wasn’t so annoying.

I’m also determined to get properly back into my photography (other than just capturing my many meals and my cats) so i’m going to start posting pics regularly.  I’m not a big “pretty landscape” or “sunset” photographer – not because i don’t like those kind of pics but more because there are a gazillion people out there who do it better than me.  I like the quirky, the grimy and the fun.  Here is a pic i took with a £2 film SLR i found in a charity shop.  Such a lovely camera i can’t understand why anyone would want to give it away:

Take care and see you soon x


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