the Sunday plan III

29 Jan

For the past two weeks i have totally kicked my Sunday plan’s ass!  Setting it out in public (well … in my hallway and on my blog) is such a big motivator i can tell you.  So to sign off this week I’m going to set out next week’s plan (i would just put up a pic of the blackboard but it’s already been obscenely defaced…thanks hubby):

Mon: Street dance class

Tues: Bike (commute to work 7 mile round trip)

Weds: This workout

Thurs: Yoga

Fri: Bike

Sat: This workout (again)

Sun: Pilates/rest

You may have noticed I’ve snuck a little class in there.  I’m still rocking the home workout movement but last week in my area they put on a whole load of free fitness classes as part of a weight wise week and i went to a street dance class.  It was sooo much fun and if laughing at yourself is good exercise then it’s a massive calorie burner – hehe.  I see it more as a cheaper and healthier way to meet up with my sis and my mates than an exercise class.

All i need for my home workouts is:

no expensive gym membership in sight

Plus my trusty bike of course.  Much cheaper than running a car!

If you’re stalling a bit in the motivation department as January comes to an end and this lovely mild winter takes a turn for the worse than join me and post your workout below.  We can check up on our progress next Sunday.  I’ve got a crazy week at work this week so it will be interesting to see if i can keep this momentum up.

Have a good week x


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