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the boy done good

20 Feb

hello lovely peeps.  I haven’t blogged all week and i feel guilty.  It’s been very hectic around here…lots to blog about but so little time.  I’ll start with John’s (my hubby) amazing success at a local auction house recently.

I asked John to pop to our local auction house as they had two lots of vintage suitcases that i wanted for the house.  We already have one we picked up in an antique shop but i have visions of big stacks of the lovely things to use as storage.  Neither John nor i had ever been to an auction before – i had visions of sneezing and buying a ruby necklace but none such thing happened.  Unfortunately boring old work got in the way for me and John went on his own, keeping me updated by text all the way.  John made it sound like sooo much fun even if he did get quite carried away.

We didn’t get the suitcases as they went for a couple of hundred pounds but, even better than that, John picked up a box of old used cameras (i’ll show you what we did with those on a different post), a huge framed Mark Rothko print and best of all this wonderful trunk.

it's the top trunk...

The name of the original owner is stencilled on the top of the trunk and there is a sticker of the ship it travelled on the side.  Using this info John has since found loads of info on the internet about the owner.  So cool – this gentleman would never have imagined that more than half a century later we would be storing all our CDs in his trunk!

It really is a beautiful piece and i’m very happy to give it a home.

And while i’m giving lots of blog love to the hubby check out this gorgeous pic he took of George our cat


He’s on our bed but i kinda think he looks like he’s in the dock.  Definitely guilty i would say!

Enjoy your week.  Four day countdown to holiday…. x


sandy runs

12 Feb

I mixed up the Sunday plan this weekend.  I had an unplanned rest day yesterday because, well…just because!  Perhaps the couple of cocktails with the ladies on Friday night?  So today i decided to get out there for a run to make up for it.  I’ve been cycling loads lately but i haven’t really been for a decent run since last year.

I mapped out 5k on, put on a gazillion layers, drank an espresso and i was out the door.  I ran/walk (although i’ll be honest there was more walking than i planned) the whole way.  It wasn’t without pain though – within 10 minutes i  was suffering from intense cramp in my foot and i was v close to calling for a lift home.  Then i figured out i’d tied my laces so tight my feet weren’t getting any blood!  I told you it’s been a while.

Now i am very lucky because i live right by the beach and i normally run on the bridle path but i decided to cheer myself up by running right on the shore line.  This was (part of) my run:

the beach

Ok so i don’t live in the Bahamas and it is February but this cheered me up no end and gave me such a boost.  I even wanted to run into the sea at the end but the moment passed pretty quickly when i remembered its about 1 degree at the mo!

Check out my layers…

Underneath that sexy jacket(!) was two (count ’em) sports bras, a vest and a long sleeve tee.  Plus that’s my ski-ing ear warmer a-top my bonce.  It’s not the world’s most attractive look but i was toasty.  BTW I think when you get up early to run you’re allowed to have a messy bedroom.

I hope my muscles allow me to cycle tomorrow…

Definitely going to be factoring another run into today’s Sunday plan.  The Sunday plan is also really going to have to start including creative projects because i am sorely lacking in that department lately (iPhone photography on my run being the exception of course…)

Happy Sunday and enjoy your week x

moving on from my cooking failure

7 Feb

Undeterred by my stupendous failure in the kitchen on Sunday (see my last post) i decided to kick it up a notch in the kitchen tonight.  I’ve been on a bit of an exercise kick since the start of the year and although i’ve been being vaguely healthy in my eating (jelly babies are healthy right?!?) i’ve probably neglected that side of things a little.  So inspired by all the fresh goodies hubby had purchased this afternoon i cooked up a storm and i really had to share the beauty (i’ve just noticed that the plate has a big chip on it – that’s what you get for paying £17 for your dinner service!!!):


This was baked chicken with a spicy topping, couscous, roasted veg and a salad.  Yum yum.  I’m not exactly sure what these salad leaves are but they are very tasty – quite peppery.

Just goes to show you’ve got to get straight back on that bike when you fall off!

I’m not one for calorie counting or food grouping (way too lazy for all that kind of thing) so i rely on just eating in moderation things that i believe are healthy.  Nothing is banned as such but i try to steer away from the obvious things like mayo and chips.  I don’t like to eat too much “artificial” food so i’d rather eat a little bit of butter than margarine (ugh).  I also drink full fat coke (albeit not very often) instead of diet.  When i was younger i was very strict about what i ate and as a consequence i was a lot skinnier but now i figure life is waaaay to short not to eat pizza now and then.

If you’ve any healthy recipes to share please ping them my way.  I’m already pinning lots that i’ve seen on other blogs and can’t wait to try them all out.

brownie fail

5 Feb

I’m not going to lie, i read a LOT of blogs (and i mean a lot).  I read a huge amount of US fitness and foodie blogs and i love getting inspiration for workouts and healthy recipes (plus the not so healthy recipes of course).  Thanks to fitnessista i gorge myself on protein pancakes most weekends.  The thing is the foodstuffs available in the US are not always available in the UK so i can’t try everything or i have to experiment with a few tweaks.  I’d seen pumpkin puree used in lots of recipes – seems to give cakes and pies lots of moisture without the fat and i am so down with that.  Imagine my joy when i actually saw pumpkin puree in my local waitrose so i decided to make chocolate brownies (is there any other kind of brownie?).  This was the result…

"healthy" (read gross) brownies

Oh wow!! They smelt great but it was all a lie because they tasted sooooooo bad. Urgh.  Gross.  Please do not try this at home.

The good news is i really don’t have to try hard to work those brownies off!  Still my Sunday plan is looking something like this:

Monday – bike plus streetdance class

Tuesday – HIIT (via Bodyrock)

Wednesday – bike

Thursday – yoga

Friday – bike

Saturday – HIIT (provided by those lovely peeps at Bodyrock again)

Sunday – rest

Totally whipped last week’s plan!  Remember – hit it hard or go home!!!  Hehe.

Make the most of your Sunday evening and have a great week x

ps i’m always looking for new blogs to read so if you have any great suggestions, especially if they are your own blog, please let me know.

photography Thursday

2 Feb

i’ve had a pretty crazy week this week so i’ve not completed (or even touched) anything slightly creative (although in case you were worried i’ve kept up the workouts from my Sunday plan – my favourite so far has to be the lovely yoga sesh this evening) and i’m totally shattered.

As a result i’d like to share another of my first SLR attempts i took recently.  Sorry to go all poncy on you but i love the juxtaposition of the greenery and the power plant chimneys behind.  Being a bit of a newbie at photography i’d only just learned about depth of field and i went a bit crazy over blurry backgrounds but this one came out well i think.  That’s one of the joys (and equally the frustrations) of film photography – you don’t know what your picture will look like until you get your film developed.

so there’s snow warnings for this weekend, i wonder what photographic opportunities that will bring.  Many i hope.  Although lots of layers may be called for!  I’ve been cycling to work with my ski gloves on and my ear warmers under my cycle helmet – i’m such a baby when it comes to the cold.

See you at the weekend & stay warm x