photography Thursday

2 Feb

i’ve had a pretty crazy week this week so i’ve not completed (or even touched) anything slightly creative (although in case you were worried i’ve kept up the workouts from my Sunday plan – my favourite so far has to be the lovely yoga sesh this evening) and i’m totally shattered.

As a result i’d like to share another of my first SLR attempts i took recently.  Sorry to go all poncy on you but i love the juxtaposition of the greenery and the power plant chimneys behind.  Being a bit of a newbie at photography i’d only just learned about depth of field and i went a bit crazy over blurry backgrounds but this one came out well i think.  That’s one of the joys (and equally the frustrations) of film photography – you don’t know what your picture will look like until you get your film developed.

so there’s snow warnings for this weekend, i wonder what photographic opportunities that will bring.  Many i hope.  Although lots of layers may be called for!  I’ve been cycling to work with my ski gloves on and my ear warmers under my cycle helmet – i’m such a baby when it comes to the cold.

See you at the weekend & stay warm x


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