brownie fail

5 Feb

I’m not going to lie, i read a LOT of blogs (and i mean a lot).  I read a huge amount of US fitness and foodie blogs and i love getting inspiration for workouts and healthy recipes (plus the not so healthy recipes of course).  Thanks to fitnessista i gorge myself on protein pancakes most weekends.  The thing is the foodstuffs available in the US are not always available in the UK so i can’t try everything or i have to experiment with a few tweaks.  I’d seen pumpkin puree used in lots of recipes – seems to give cakes and pies lots of moisture without the fat and i am so down with that.  Imagine my joy when i actually saw pumpkin puree in my local waitrose so i decided to make chocolate brownies (is there any other kind of brownie?).  This was the result…

"healthy" (read gross) brownies

Oh wow!! They smelt great but it was all a lie because they tasted sooooooo bad. Urgh.  Gross.  Please do not try this at home.

The good news is i really don’t have to try hard to work those brownies off!  Still my Sunday plan is looking something like this:

Monday – bike plus streetdance class

Tuesday – HIIT (via Bodyrock)

Wednesday – bike

Thursday – yoga

Friday – bike

Saturday – HIIT (provided by those lovely peeps at Bodyrock again)

Sunday – rest

Totally whipped last week’s plan!  Remember – hit it hard or go home!!!  Hehe.

Make the most of your Sunday evening and have a great week x

ps i’m always looking for new blogs to read so if you have any great suggestions, especially if they are your own blog, please let me know.


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