sandy runs

12 Feb

I mixed up the Sunday plan this weekend.  I had an unplanned rest day yesterday because, well…just because!  Perhaps the couple of cocktails with the ladies on Friday night?  So today i decided to get out there for a run to make up for it.  I’ve been cycling loads lately but i haven’t really been for a decent run since last year.

I mapped out 5k on, put on a gazillion layers, drank an espresso and i was out the door.  I ran/walk (although i’ll be honest there was more walking than i planned) the whole way.  It wasn’t without pain though – within 10 minutes i  was suffering from intense cramp in my foot and i was v close to calling for a lift home.  Then i figured out i’d tied my laces so tight my feet weren’t getting any blood!  I told you it’s been a while.

Now i am very lucky because i live right by the beach and i normally run on the bridle path but i decided to cheer myself up by running right on the shore line.  This was (part of) my run:

the beach

Ok so i don’t live in the Bahamas and it is February but this cheered me up no end and gave me such a boost.  I even wanted to run into the sea at the end but the moment passed pretty quickly when i remembered its about 1 degree at the mo!

Check out my layers…

Underneath that sexy jacket(!) was two (count ’em) sports bras, a vest and a long sleeve tee.  Plus that’s my ski-ing ear warmer a-top my bonce.  It’s not the world’s most attractive look but i was toasty.  BTW I think when you get up early to run you’re allowed to have a messy bedroom.

I hope my muscles allow me to cycle tomorrow…

Definitely going to be factoring another run into today’s Sunday plan.  The Sunday plan is also really going to have to start including creative projects because i am sorely lacking in that department lately (iPhone photography on my run being the exception of course…)

Happy Sunday and enjoy your week x


One Response to “sandy runs”

  1. maenamor March 5, 2012 at 8:44 am #

    Ahhh the layers, I know them well…theyre a great idea until you start moving..

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