the boy done good

20 Feb

hello lovely peeps.  I haven’t blogged all week and i feel guilty.  It’s been very hectic around here…lots to blog about but so little time.  I’ll start with John’s (my hubby) amazing success at a local auction house recently.

I asked John to pop to our local auction house as they had two lots of vintage suitcases that i wanted for the house.  We already have one we picked up in an antique shop but i have visions of big stacks of the lovely things to use as storage.  Neither John nor i had ever been to an auction before – i had visions of sneezing and buying a ruby necklace but none such thing happened.  Unfortunately boring old work got in the way for me and John went on his own, keeping me updated by text all the way.  John made it sound like sooo much fun even if he did get quite carried away.

We didn’t get the suitcases as they went for a couple of hundred pounds but, even better than that, John picked up a box of old used cameras (i’ll show you what we did with those on a different post), a huge framed Mark Rothko print and best of all this wonderful trunk.

it's the top trunk...

The name of the original owner is stencilled on the top of the trunk and there is a sticker of the ship it travelled on the side.  Using this info John has since found loads of info on the internet about the owner.  So cool – this gentleman would never have imagined that more than half a century later we would be storing all our CDs in his trunk!

It really is a beautiful piece and i’m very happy to give it a home.

And while i’m giving lots of blog love to the hubby check out this gorgeous pic he took of George our cat


He’s on our bed but i kinda think he looks like he’s in the dock.  Definitely guilty i would say!

Enjoy your week.  Four day countdown to holiday…. x


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