who’s idea was this to exercise???

19 Mar

I completed day 2, week 2 of C25K this evening.  That was after also completing my 6 mile cycle commute.  I really did not want to go out this evening – the only way i could get my flagging a** out of the door was to fill up on nutella on toast and a cup of tea first.  Is that wrong?  Definitely negated any calorie burn that’s for sure.  I was well rewarded for getting out there though as there was an amazing after sunset glow over everything.  It was beautiful.  As a result I am sooooo tired now and thinking of calling it a night after I publish this post.

One of the reasons i am loving this C25K app is because it forces me to go out 3 times a week (even if i am less than enthusiastic about it sometimes).  I’m already trying to work out when i’m going to factor in run 3 this week.

The reason I had to haul my bottom out this evening was because i was supposed to go out yesterday but then the sun came out and we decided to go for a nice long hike instead.

We walked along country roads like this…

and cliff paths like this…

But best of all i got to spend a couple of uninterrupted hours just me and my hubby which, with our current schedules, is a huge rarity.  It was awesome and definitely worth skipping a workout for.

I hope you all had good weekends too!


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