stuff i learned this week…

25 Mar

I’ve had a lovely week, i’m always happy when the sun shines, so here is a quick recap of stuff I’ve learnt this week:

1. I can make a great healthy(ish) pizza using tortilla wraps sandwiched together with pasta sauce and then covered in veggies and kidney beans.

Exhibit A:

2. I’m part of a craze!!  See this article about Chia seeds on the BBC news website.  I’d say the Beeb did a slightly better job of talking about these seeds than i did last week.

3. I really want to do the Disney Princess half marathon next February.  I live in Britain though so this may take some planning (and persuading John).  I’ve completed day 2, week 3 of my c25K training so i’m on my way and you gotta aim big.

4. Incorporating running into my exercise regime has whacked my appetite up a few gears.  Not just wanting to nibble but the sort of hunger where you consider eating your own arm if you’ve nothing to hand.  Not sure now whether i’m fueling to train or training to fuel!  Anyone else get this problem?

5. Blog recipes are not always what they seem.

Exhibit B:

Believe it or not these were supposed to be Banana protein muffins.  It may have possibly been my extraordinary cooking skills rather than the recipe but they tasted as bad as they looked i’m afraid.

6. I love BST.  So we lost on hour, i can now cycle and run in the evenings without constant fear of being run over or tripping over large boulders!!

7. It does not hurt to rock out every now and then.  I went to watch my husband play with one of his many bands last night and it was awesome.  Couldn’t hear for a good few hours afterwards but totally worth it.

Enjoy your week – i hope the sun is shining where you are.  Let me know any important lessons you learnt this week x


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