whining while i’m winning!!

22 Apr

yesterday we hit up this lovely place for lunch…

It’s one of our favourite places to eat of a weekend and with views like this it’s no wonder…

I had the seafood salad.  It was more seafood than salad but it was very yummy. You can see John’s quiche in the background.  Also yummy (i can vouch for this – thanks John!).

oh hello lovely sunglasses!!  These have been getting a lot of outings since i bought them.  If you’re wondering about the weird pic it was taken through the lens of my film SLR with my digital SLR.

As for workouts this weekend – today i did the Bodyrock 420 rep challenge.  Again.  This time i did it in 38.31.  Shaving a whole 4 minutes of my last time.  A million apologies to my poor hubby who had to listen to a lot of whining throughout those 38.31 minutes (and a lot little after).

Yesterday i completed day 1 of week 6 of c25k and i loved it.  This resulted in quite a large spend on wiggle.co.uk for new running gear.  Cannot wait for that delivery to show up.

Hope you all had a fun weekend.  Anyone get any crazy workouts in?


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