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rollin’ with my homies

31 May

Foam rolling has been an essential part of a lot of active people’s lives for a while now and is excellent for removing knots and easing out generally tight muscles.  I’ve used foam rollers in Pilates classes before but never taken the plunge and bought my own.

When my physiotherapist actually made me drop an f bomb yesterday massaging out my quads i decided i’d get rolling every day to loosen them up so i invested in the best roller money can buy…

Now if you’re thinking, that’s just her kitchen rolling pin you’d be so wrong.  This is state of the art stuff – nothing but the best for me.

OK, ok it is my rolling pin but it does the trick – in fact its so hard it might even do it better!  It seems to be loosening those quads and i’ve only got myself to swear at when it hurts.  My internet research says you should focus on tight areas for about 35 seconds each.  I think the theory is if something’s a bit uncomfortable then you make it hurt like a beatch for 35 seconds when you stop it will feel like heaven.  Its science.

In other news i went to my yoga class tonight. After 15 days of no exercise it was lovely to do something.

Do you use any household objects as workout items?  My dip station is two wooden chairs with cushions draped over them!


all the naughty things

28 May

remember my last post when i said i was going to come up with a new training plan and getting with the cross training now i’m injured? No? Well take my word for it i did.

Confession time … ahem….things haven’t quite worked to plan.  Firstly, i only came off my crutches at the end of last week and i’m still hobbling around so pretty much most types of training are out of the window.  Secondly i have been diligently doing all the exercises the physiotherapist gave me and bending and straightening your leg 10 times is hard work.  Instead of running/cycling/touch rugby i’ve been doing the opposite of training….

On Saturday we Island hopped and went to a beer festival.  We took a 20 minute ferry ride to Herm and sampled a couple of nice beers in the gorgeous sunshine.  Beer is good medicine.

leaving Guernsey

polished off some yummy BBQ with that half pint

This evening as i couldn’t participate in Touch Rugby training we had fish and chips on the beach.  Such a British thing to do and i love it!!


Then sat there bathing in the evening sunlight.

nice try at photo bombing John

I’m sitting here icing my knee as i type.  Hopefully it will only be a matter of days before i’m running and cycling round this little Island of mine but until then i’m trying to enjoy this rest that has been forced upon me.

What’s your favourite treat?

so what’s the deal with Kinesio tape?

24 May

I had a different physiotherapist on Monday and after more than an hour of torture strengthening exercises she trussed my knee up like this –

This is kinesio tape.  I’ve seen it on athletes and friends after injuries and from what i understand it can be used for various purposes.  It can add support, stop things moving around or it can be used for its alleged intrinsic properties.  Wikipedia (man i love that site) says that advocates claim that the wave pattern found on the tape’s adhesive has a lifting effect on the skin which can reduce swelling and inflammation by improving circulation and reduce pain by taking pressure off pain receptors.

My physiotherapist specifically used the pattern above to help move the fluid in my knee and to reduce swelling (i know pretty gross huh?).  I’ve got to say i’m not overly convinced.  The swelling is going down but i’m kinda guessing it would have anyway.  I wouldn’t invest in it anyway but i’m always open to trying new things so wouldn’t say no if she wanted to use it again.

I had my original physiotherapist today and after lots of horrible exercises she got dug into some huge knots in my quads and everything is feeling soooo much better as a result.  She even had me doing one legged squats.  Still not up to running, pretty much still mastering walking (got the bambi thing going on at the mo) but very happy with my progress.

Anyone else used kinesio tape?  What’s your verdict?

how i’m getting myself out of my injury funk

20 May

Yes i know i’ve only been out of commission since Wednesday evening but it really is getting me down that i can’t do any physical exercise at the moment apart from a very slow pathetic hobble on my sexy crutches.  On Thursday night i was very down and looking at these made me feel very sad…

all my little Nuun all lined up like soldiers waiting to replace my electrolytes

poor little lonely Garmin

So i did what any self respecting girl would do, i Googled how to survive your injury funk.  After trawling through many articles on how to survive bear attacks, earthquakes, zombie attacks and the end of the world (seriously – who is an expert on that?!?) I found this awesome article by a lady who’s blog i already follow – 10 ways to survive your injury without being a being a b*tch by Shutupandrun.  So i’ve learnt not to google my injury (it seems those people who healed very quickly without any complications hardly ever post about their suffering and there are plenty of people out there who don’t trust people who’ve spent about 300 years putting themselves through med school and decide to make up their own treatments!).  I also need to put my injury into perspective – there are people waaaay worse off than me and in a short while this will all be a distant (maybe even quite funny) memory.

I now need to change my training plan.  I have physio tomorrow so i will be asking when i can start cross training.  I’d like to start swimming and pilates as soon as possible so i lose minimal amount of fitness.  As soon as i’ve got no pain or discomfort i’ll be back on the bike too.  Running may have to take a back seat for a little while.

I also need to learn a lesson here.  If i could go all Marty McFly and write to myself a week ago it would go something like this –

Dear Dawn,

Before you play Touch Rugby on Wednesday warm up you big dingus!  And while you’re at it if a man is sprinting at you with the ball and the fastest guy on your team is already after him don’t feel the need to get your own tackle attempt in their too!  You’re really not a hero!

Love Dawn

ps if you should still decide you don’t like your knee facing in the usual straight line and decide to experiment with running on a sideways facing foot then less of the amateur dramatics afterwards please, its just embarrassing.  

This has made me realise how active i actually am and how much i love it.  I’m glad that i love something so much it makes me blue that i can’t do it but i’m not so dramatic that i know i’ll never do it again. This is also a golden opportunity to get all those other things done that i’ve neglected so far this year.  Tax return here i come….

I promise i’ll stop whining about my injury very soon and start coming up with some more slightly interesting posts.

Dawn x

enforced rest…grrr

17 May

Just a quick post today.  I had a little accident at my first ever Touch Rugby League game last night.  I’d literally been playing for about three minutes when i sprinted in for a tackle/touch and wrenched my knee.  Cue a lot of dramatic screaming and hyperventilating (kinda embarrassed about this…) and a trip to A&E.  Followed by a minor fainting session when i tried to walk on it this morning.

Had an hours physio this afternoon and although she couldn’t give me a firm diagnosis it looks like i’ve strained my popliteus muscle.  It’s not the worst thing i could have done and if it is that i could possibly be up and running again within a month.  I think the physio was getting pretty annoyed with all my “so will i be able to run 5k next week?”, “can i play rugby on Sunday?”, “when will i be fixed?” type questions but it was a pretty emphatic NO on the Race for Life 5k which i am super gutted about.  This is what i have been training for for about 9 weeks now and only had two more of my C25K sessions to go.  I’ll still be cheering all my girlys on and sponsoring them all as its such a fab charity (Cancer Research UK).

So i’m feeling very, very sorry for myself now but will be doing every exercise the physio gave me, to the letter, and i will have the fastest healing muscles in the land.  On the plus side i was classed as “very healthy”, my knees are “solid as rocks” (in a good way) and my leg muscles are very strong.  So at least i know the training was working up until now.  I might be getting some super pumped arms from walking on crutches too.  Every cloud must have a silver lining….

Anyone got any words of wisdom for me?  Have you had this injury before?  If so how long did it take you to heal (and don’t tell me if it was forever please).

Hope everyone else is fit and well.

sweat it out Saturday

12 May

as promised last Saturday, every Saturday i’m going to try and post my workouts for the week so i can track my training for my upcoming races and as a way of making myself accountable.  Read – i’m totally l-a-z-y and if i don’t blog about it i probably won’t do it!!

Stephanie started Sweat it out Saturday at her blog the New Healthy. Check it out its awesome.  Full of loads of healthy tips, inspiration and recipes.

So here is what i have been mostly doing this week:

Sunday – 3 mile run and leisurely bike ride with my hubby

Monday – looooonnngggg cliff walk.  Don’t know why but i found this workout (if you can call it that) the hardest of them all and i swear my gluteus maximus is still punishing me for this one.

Tuesday – 3 mile run and 3 mile walk home (may have been weaving a little on this last walk making it possibly twice as long thanks to some celebratory beers – oops).

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – 7 mile cycle ride plus touch rugby training.  We trained in the wind and rain (oh yes i’m hardcore) and i have never been so muddy!

Friday – 7 mile cycle ride followed by some throwing practice for an hour on the beach with my lovely hubby.

Saturday – 3.2 mile run (see told you i was going to get a longer run in this week) followed by a very leisurely cycle ride to get an ice cream!  It’s all about balance my friends.

We are just firing up the BBQ for dinner then going into town to meet some friends.  I think i’m going to need an espresso if i’m going to stay awake for that!

What has your week been like?  Hope its been a good one.  Tell me about your workouts.

The rain has finally cleared for some sunshine.  Huzzah – at last.

i ♥ bank holidays!

9 May

I love bank holidays and this week we’ve had two.  Yay!  Who doesn’t like free days off work right?  Monday was May Day – we decided to use the day to get a nice long cliff walk in.  Somehow we must have chosen the hardest walk in our area (I knew there was a reason our local bootcamp company use it to kill train people).  It was hard but good fun.  An hour into the walk it started pouring with rain so we had no choice but to stop for a cup of tea.

Despite the rain it really was worth that amazing view.  My thighs and bum were absolutely killing me after that walk though.  So many steps and hills.  TMI?  Sorry but its true.  You think you’re fit and a walk kills you.  What’s up with that?

The second bank holiday is today for us.  I live in Guernsey and 9 May is our Liberation Day, the day we celebrate being liberated from the occupying forces in the Second World War.  It’s a pretty big deal to us, the war changed the face of our Island and there are still plenty of people around (including my Gran) who remember being evacuated and separated from their families during this time.  Last night we went to a Hangar Ball – everyone dresses in 1940’s costumes, there’s a big band, a sing-along and lots of dancing.  It’s very patriotic!

There was also a balloon man (who knew there were such things in the World War II!!!) who was cursing me after i asked for a lion.  Well he did say he’d make any animal i liked….the results were pretty awesome i think you’ll agree.

Oh yes i’m that cool!

I’m having a bit of rest day today.  After the cliff walk on Monday i did a quick 3 mile run yesterday then, in our tightness wisdom we decided not to get a taxi home from the ball and we walked the three(ish) miles home after dancing the night away.  My legs feel like jelly today.  I so need to get some more training in if that 10 miles is not going to kill me!

I hope everyone else is having a good week so far.