enforced rest…grrr

17 May

Just a quick post today.  I had a little accident at my first ever Touch Rugby League game last night.  I’d literally been playing for about three minutes when i sprinted in for a tackle/touch and wrenched my knee.  Cue a lot of dramatic screaming and hyperventilating (kinda embarrassed about this…) and a trip to A&E.  Followed by a minor fainting session when i tried to walk on it this morning.

Had an hours physio this afternoon and although she couldn’t give me a firm diagnosis it looks like i’ve strained my popliteus muscle.  It’s not the worst thing i could have done and if it is that i could possibly be up and running again within a month.  I think the physio was getting pretty annoyed with all my “so will i be able to run 5k next week?”, “can i play rugby on Sunday?”, “when will i be fixed?” type questions but it was a pretty emphatic NO on the Race for Life 5k which i am super gutted about.  This is what i have been training for for about 9 weeks now and only had two more of my C25K sessions to go.  I’ll still be cheering all my girlys on and sponsoring them all as its such a fab charity (Cancer Research UK).

So i’m feeling very, very sorry for myself now but will be doing every exercise the physio gave me, to the letter, and i will have the fastest healing muscles in the land.  On the plus side i was classed as “very healthy”, my knees are “solid as rocks” (in a good way) and my leg muscles are very strong.  So at least i know the training was working up until now.  I might be getting some super pumped arms from walking on crutches too.  Every cloud must have a silver lining….

Anyone got any words of wisdom for me?  Have you had this injury before?  If so how long did it take you to heal (and don’t tell me if it was forever please).

Hope everyone else is fit and well.


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