the power of magnets

21 Jun

So my knee is slowly but surely healing.  I know you’ve been awake at night these last five weeks wondering how i’m bearing up so thought i’d give you an update!  I’ve got full range of motion but still some soreness round the sides and there’s still much cursing and swearing if i accidentally twist my knee.  I’ve been trying out the Homedics iHeal which gives off Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field waves (yeah those things) and is supposed to help soft tissue damage heal 30% faster.  It’s one of those things that’s hard to measure as you never know if you would’ve gotten better anyway but i reckon it can’t do any harm.  If anyone else has used this device let me know how you got on.

It’s been a lot longer recovery than i first anticipated but i’ve not felt as bad as i imagined, in fact (whisper it) i’ve even enjoyed having a bit of time off.  I’ve kept up with Pilates and Yoga, and i’m slowly increasing my walking and cycling, tomorrow i’m even hoping to go for a short run.  Best of all i didn’t immediately turn into a big fat heifer the moment i stopped running (or at least no-one has told me that I have).

In other news this little cutie has gone off for a wander and i haven’t seen him since Monday morning.

I desperately want him to come home as i miss him so much 😦 .  Wish us luck finding him.


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