Christmas cupcakes and Tabata training

9 Dec

In my world cupcakes and Tabata training go together like cheese & wine (or Sunday and roast dinner).  If you don’t agree let me tell you now – you are wrong.

At my work this week we had a craft/culinary competition based on the theme of Christmas trees.  Naturally I stalked Pinterest for several evenings before deciding on attempting Martha Stewart’s Christmas Tree Cupcakes.  Here is the making of…


I placed my sponge mixture into ice cream cones and my mini cupcake mould.  I used my own tried and tested recipe (read: much easier recipe) than hers but i’m sure it would have come out much the same.


I attached each cone shaped cake to a mini cupcake and then attempted to ice with buttercream to make them look like snowy Christmas trees.  I added silver balls for extra Christmassyness (and that is a real word). Here is the end result:


They weren’t terrible, and people recognised them for what they were supposed to be, but Martha Stewart I am not!!  For some reason most of them had a bit of a lean on.  Safe to say i didn’t win any prizes – they are some seriously talented people at my work and i’m going to have to spend the whole of 2013 practising if i’m going to win anything next year.

To burn off all those calories from my cook’s treats (you know – licking out the bowl, sucking the icing out of the icing bag…) i did two Fitnessista workout videos today.  The Six Pack in a Sweater workout and this Tabata workout.  Both of which seriously got my sweat on!  I reckon my abs are going to be sore tomorrow.  If you’ve never heard of Tabata it’s a type of interval training – you only work out for 4 minutes (plus warm up and cool down) but it’s supposed to singe those calories and the after burn continues for quite a while meaning i’m burning more calories as i type this right now.  Awesome.

If you haven’t checked out Gina’s blog or her YouTube channel i urge you to do so now – there’s something for everyone and she is soooo lovely.

On a side note i’ve noticed from my stats that i’ve got quite a lot of people checking in from my home town on a daily basis.  So either my sister is going overboard on checking my blog or i’ve got some new friendly faces watching!!  So this is a big hello to all my fellow donkeys!


3 Responses to “Christmas cupcakes and Tabata training”

  1. Lauren December 22, 2012 at 5:42 pm #

    Cute cupcakes! About the leaning, when you made the buttercream, did you use a recipe with shortening involved? I find that my frosting creations tend to start sliding/leaning or otherwise take on a kind of melted appearance when I’m using shortening (i.e. when I’ve forgotten to buy enough butter and it’s too late), but the ones I make without it stay put.

    Also, just looking at those workouts made my muscles hurt– Nice job doing both in one day!

    • dawninwonderland December 22, 2012 at 6:53 pm #

      Thanks! I did use butter but perhaps my sugar ratio was wrong – i’m a bit lazy with the measuring sometimes. And sometimes it just goes wrong for no reason!
      Deffo try the workouts – if i can do them…

      • Lauren December 22, 2012 at 8:41 pm #

        Yes, I know what you mean. Sometimes humidity or just plain luck is against us in baking!

        And I agree about those workouts. I’ll be filing those away for days when I can’t make it over to the gym for my cardio (along with maybe some quick recipes for extra baking as a way to apologize to my downstairs neighbors for all the jumping :D).

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