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Homemade protein ballz

28 Jul

I know protein ball recipes are ten a penny here on the internets and I’ve tried many a ball recipe on Pinterest with varying degrees of success. However, at the weekend I bought some balls from a local store which were A-Maze-Ing and I really wanted to replicate that taste at home without spending £1 a ball <—-eek! They tasted like heaven chocolate marzipan. Mmmmm chocolate marzipan…..


Ok so you can’t really call these balls, more like lumps, and foodie photog i am not!

The basis for any protein ball is usually dried stuff like protein powder, nuts, shredded coconut etc mixed with liquids like coconut oil and nut butters to bind them <—– you’re welcome for this explicit and knowledgable explanation of protein balls. For these balls I decided to use dates as a sweet base, I knew I needed almonds for that marzipan taste and I also added chocolate protein powder.  They turned out pretty flipping yummy if I do say so myself.


The final recipe (this makes a small amount – I’m fickle with flavours and can’t keep eating the same balls day after day)

Half a cup of dates

Half a cup of ground almonds

Big scoop of protein powder

Generous spoonful of smooth almond butter (or enough to bind)

Blitz away and once the mixture looks like bread crumbs form into balls with your hands.


enjoy x


Returning from the wilderness

26 Jul

Well it’s only been two years since i last updated this blog? If i do a post every two years that’s regular in my books ok?

So a HUGE amount has happened in the last two years which may account for my absence. In a short summary…think trashy 80’s film dream sequence….I…

* got pregnant

* had my beautiful little (2.1lbs) boy at 28 weeks

* spent a long, long 14 weeks on two different neonatal units

* started walking

* joined a running club

* ran a lot

* took part in my first half marathon

* enjoyed the good life with my little family

And that basically takes me up until now. I have an amazing family now and the most wonderful 20 month old little boy who makes me laugh, cry and all that’s in-between. But when i can (read:nap time) I run. I run because I now know the importance of my health. I run because I want to be a good (stress free) role model and I run because I love it. I’ve met some wonderful people through my running group and despite the fact that i’m a good 2 minute/mile behind them all they are so encouraging. Oh yeah and I lost a bit of weight! Nice bonus.

So i’m going to give this blogging thing another go. I’ll be writing about running (well dur…), a bit on motherhood, having a premature baby and anything else i can think of. Just don’t expect me to be blogging all the time.

Come along for the ride x