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i found treasure!

29 Jan

Yesterday hubby and i went furniture shopping – being thrifty folk we popped into our local charity furniture shop.  You can get some amazing bargains here – a lot of the furniture needs a bit of love and some imagination but totally worth it.  I found a very old sewing machine desk with integrated sewing machine.  I’m guessing it originated from the ’60’s or 70’s (i’m not an expert!).  The machine wasn’t in great order and the desk was also a bit shabby but when i opened the drawers i found treasure!!!  Very exciting.

I asked the very nice gent manning the shop if i could pay just for the contents of the desk and he offered it for £5!  Eeep!  For the record as it was a charity shop i did offer him more but i think he thought i was crazy that i was willing to even pay that much for all this old junk.  Here is only some of what i found:


The find include buttons (lots of buttons), cotton reels, binding, needles, lace, belt buckles, genuine old singer accessories and so much more all packed up in these beautiful old biscuit tins and boxes.  I’m so happy and i’m already thinking of so many projects to make use of these items.  I love the idea that someone lovingly collected and kept these items and i’m ecstatic to give them a loving home.

I’m a lucky girl.

ps we didn’t find any furniture!!


family connections

20 Jan

So I went to my folks this week for dinner.  In the interest of sticking to those NY resolutions we cycled there.  Now I know 7 miles does not equal a roast but its a little way there!  Plus check out my new toy…

Since I got my toy two weeks ago i’ve clocked up 55 miles.  Impressed much?  Anyway I digress…. while I was at my folks i was reminded that my Mum truely is the Don of crafting.  Check out this double bed cover she is crocheting.  This is just the bottom quarter – ably held up by my little sis who, for scale purposes you understand, you may be interested to know is not even 5ft tall.

and check out my Mum’s bead collection.  When she caught me photographing this she was quite quick to point out this was only some of her collection.  If 2012 becomes the year of the international bead shortage my Mum will be able to save the world!!! Hehe!

(Disclaimer – sorry about the blurry pics – hubby changed the settings on my camera)

This all makes me very nervous as I now have a lot to live up to with my little projects.  I’m on my way with the blazer and hope to be able to show you the results very shortly.

Questions – what did you inherit from your folks?