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overnight oats

16 Apr

Last night i made overnight oats.  Now i know this isn’t a new thing but it’s new to me ok?  I’m so not trendy when it comes to my breakfast choices.  I eat porridge most weekday mornings.   Occasionally i push the boat out and enjoy a bowl of bran flakes!  I can’t really be inventive at that time of the morning so it’s almost always porridge with some kinda milk, chia seeds and some kind of fruit.  It works so i don’t mess.  Weekends are different – i’m all over the pancakes, eggs etc when i’ve got the time and i’ve shaken off the morning fuzziness.

Last night i decided to go all out and try something new (well, basically cold porridge).  The trick is to soak your oats in pretty much anything, mix it with pretty much anything and leave overnight.  It’s then all ready for you to eat the next day.  I tried half water half hazelnut milk.  Hazelnut milk is my new thing – if you haven’t tried it you’ve got to – it kinda tastes like nutella.  Yum!  I digress…then i added chia seeds, cinnamon and a whole bunch of frozen berries.  Before i went to bed it looked like this:

Then when i got up this morning it looked like this:

Don’t worry i didn’t leave the spoon in.  It was nice but those berries were seriously tart.  I should have tried them first.  I think i’ll be going back to good old fashioned porridge tomorrow.

This weekend i finished the cowl i’d been knitting.  It’s made with cashmere wool so its super soft.  I love it, although not quite winter any more so i don’t know how much wear i’ll get out of it:

I’m quite impressed that i actually finished something.  Huzzah for me!  Now what to make next…I’m hoping to make a skirt on my sewing machine so i’ll let you know how that goes.

Do you have any fab ideas for spicing up (maybe not literally) oats?  Let me know your breakfast secrets.  I’m still searching for that elusive breakfast that will keep me full until lunch.

Must go now as my lovely hubby is just finishing my dinner!


back from hols

4 Mar

You know you’re in Wales when the train station signs look like this…

and the fields look like this…

John and I just spent a well earned restful week in Anglesey, Wales (with a couple of sneaky shopping days in Liverpool).  It was wonderful and very relaxing.  I’ve come back totally refreshed and raring to go (plus a couple of lbs heavier!) on my creative projects and my fitness regime.

We visited a place called Abakhan – it’s a great little village of craft shops in North Wales.  I’ve got some new patterns for a couple of dresses, lots of material, some knitting books and a lot of wool.  Ok i went a bit nuts in there but hey, i was on holiday and let me tell you, it could have been a whole lot worse.  The staff in there were super friendly and helpful.  I’d recommend a visit.

So far, i’ve started knitting a pair of legwarmers – although by the time they are done it will probably be summer!  This is where i’m at so far…

Now don’t judge … it’s been a while since I’ve knitted more than a baby hat so there are definitely a few wrong stitches there but i figure once they are wrapped around my ankles no-one will know!  I’ll keep you updated on progress of these, if there is any.  I’m sure the lure of making frocks will be very distracting!

Finally, the fitness regime…I’m back to Bodyrocking.  I’ve just completed the 420 rep challenge from 1 Mar and to say it nearly killed me is an understatement!  Sean completed it in 26 minutes – you can at least double that for my time but at least i did (although there was a lot of cussing!).  I’d blog a pic of my face after the workout but i don’t think the internet is ready for that kind of horror!  Hehe!  Just about everyone i know is into the Bootcamp trend.  They are getting some amazing results but i’m just not ready to part with my hard earned cash to get someone to shout at me when guys like the Bodyrock team are dishing it out for free.  I need that money for cashmere wool don’t you know?!

Anyway, i’m off to unpack.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend & hope the sun is shining where you are x

i found treasure!

29 Jan

Yesterday hubby and i went furniture shopping – being thrifty folk we popped into our local charity furniture shop.  You can get some amazing bargains here – a lot of the furniture needs a bit of love and some imagination but totally worth it.  I found a very old sewing machine desk with integrated sewing machine.  I’m guessing it originated from the ’60’s or 70’s (i’m not an expert!).  The machine wasn’t in great order and the desk was also a bit shabby but when i opened the drawers i found treasure!!!  Very exciting.

I asked the very nice gent manning the shop if i could pay just for the contents of the desk and he offered it for £5!  Eeep!  For the record as it was a charity shop i did offer him more but i think he thought i was crazy that i was willing to even pay that much for all this old junk.  Here is only some of what i found:


The find include buttons (lots of buttons), cotton reels, binding, needles, lace, belt buckles, genuine old singer accessories and so much more all packed up in these beautiful old biscuit tins and boxes.  I’m so happy and i’m already thinking of so many projects to make use of these items.  I love the idea that someone lovingly collected and kept these items and i’m ecstatic to give them a loving home.

I’m a lucky girl.

ps we didn’t find any furniture!!