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interesting things i have read this week

13 Jun

Bit of a cheat post today.  I’ve read loads of awesome things on the www recently so i thought i’d share just a small sample of those today.  You may or may not choose to read them – maybe you’re trying to pretend you’re working and this might kill 5 minutes.

50 things you think are good for but aren’t – i knew about a few of these but there are some shockers in here.  Or maybe i’m just not clued up…

Why IKEA should be shut down (but where would i get my cheap furniture???) – my new favourite blog obsession hit a chord with me by dreading an upcoming trip to IKEA.  I just had to share my story with her as embarrassing as it is.

Summer shape up 2012 – the lovely Gina has started her summer shape up.  With work out plans, meal plans and even grocery lists, whats not to love?

How to get your way every time – fab article on the BBC that i’ll be putting to good use! Oh darling hubby you are so much better at making tea/cooking/taking bins out than i am…

The amazing shrinking woman – the lovely Hanna’s amazing weight loss story with super inspiring before and after pictures.  Hanna has her hands full as a Mum but still managed to fit in exercise.  You’ve got no excuse!!

And for no reason other than that i don’t like writing blog posts without a picture here is a lovely pic of a daisy chain i made the other day before hubby mowed the lawn and took out all the daisies.  Did i mention i’m part hippie?

So that’s it from me really.  Share with me what you’ve been reading.


my little sister’s hen party

10 Jun

Last night my older sister, Michelle, and I got to send our little sister Alice off to married-dom in style by throwing her a fabulous hen party.  We’ve been planning this for months but i’ve not wanted to mention it on the blog as i think she may read it from time to time (probably not often enough though Ali!!!).  Now i’m not going to share any pictures of the hens or divulge too much of the juicy details as that goes against the sacred hen/bachelorette rules – what goes on tour stays on tour, right?  But i will give you a flavour of what we did…

The most fun part of the whole planning was torturing Alice as she did not have a clue what she was going to be doing.  She got sent this email:

Good evening Alice

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to turn up at Michelle’s house at 13.00 hours on Saturday 9th June.  In order to complete your mission, wearing something comfortable, you must bring with you:

An outfit to change into for the evening (think glam)
Scuba gear
A length of twine 
Welder’s helmet
Make-up, accessories etc
A whisk
Four steel oil drums (must be steel – no cheap aluminium)
A 3/16th socket wrench

(only two of these items are correct.  I will leave it up to you to decide)

Ensure you leave your dignity and your husband to be at home, make sure your life insurance is up to date, and get ready to enjoy(ish) the party.

See you Saturday,
Your bridesmaids x

I followed this up with lots of texts and emails asking her if she’d had her vaccinations, that i was just checking the bungee cord etc…man i’m a mean sister.  The reality of the day was that it was quite lovely.  We had an Alice in Wonderland theme (natch) so we had to dress her up first.  She made a surprisingly convincing Alice.  Then we went to a local Art Gallery and made headbands based on birdcage veils.

We had afternoon tea/champagne while we crafted away.  Michelle and i made all the goodies, Michelle even made the little dormouse to go in the teapot.  It really was sooo much fun and i’d love to go back.  They do all sorts of classes from stitch n’ bitch to nude sketching.  Hmmm what to choose…

After we finished our class we let Alice change out of her costume and we all got glammed up and went out to drink lots of cocktails and eat a scrummy meal.  I ate this…

It was ok tasting but very greasy.  We then tortured Alice some more with some Mr & Mrs type games and a bit more drinking.  It really was an amazing day – Alice was possibly not half as drunk as she should have been by the end of the evening, given it was her hen do, but she went home very happy.  As we are all old and a bit lame we were all home by 12.30!! Gone are the days of walking home with the sunrise.

Now i just need to think about what i’m going to do to burn all that greasy fried food and cupcakes off.  If only it weren’t raining and i wasn’t crippled!!

whining while i’m winning!!

22 Apr

yesterday we hit up this lovely place for lunch…

It’s one of our favourite places to eat of a weekend and with views like this it’s no wonder…

I had the seafood salad.  It was more seafood than salad but it was very yummy. You can see John’s quiche in the background.  Also yummy (i can vouch for this – thanks John!).

oh hello lovely sunglasses!!  These have been getting a lot of outings since i bought them.  If you’re wondering about the weird pic it was taken through the lens of my film SLR with my digital SLR.

As for workouts this weekend – today i did the Bodyrock 420 rep challenge.  Again.  This time i did it in 38.31.  Shaving a whole 4 minutes of my last time.  A million apologies to my poor hubby who had to listen to a lot of whining throughout those 38.31 minutes (and a lot little after).

Yesterday i completed day 1 of week 6 of c25k and i loved it.  This resulted in quite a large spend on for new running gear.  Cannot wait for that delivery to show up.

Hope you all had a fun weekend.  Anyone get any crazy workouts in?

weekend frolics

12 Apr

last weekend was a wonderful four day weekend here in the UK.  i could so get used to those.  further to my last post re living life to the max we crammed in quite a lot.  Here is a picture diary (of sorts) of some of the stuff we got up to…

we planted veggies (toms, cucumber, lettuce) and sunflowers. At the garden centre we also impulse bought, and used, a new BBQ.  How cute is this??  Looks like a little alien!  I’ve also started composting.  Brings a whole new meaning to eating clean when your meal comes straight from your own garden.

ate ice cream (maple nut in my case) soooooo scrummy.  totally virtuous as well, because…

we ate them on a nice long cliff walk …. and i got in a quick run…still loving those awesome Nikes.


we chilled out…well Coco did, taking up most of the sofa.  And finally…

I made this awesome cake for my nephew.

Of course, that wasn’t all but i’m not going to bore you with a minute by minute account.  I just wanted to show that even when life gets a bit crap at times you gotta get out there and make the most of it.  No point moping around indoors.  Plus exercise releases endorphins and all that other happy stuff and you can’t argue with science my friends.

This next weekend is going to be a manic one but i hope to post about some of the more creative stuff i’m doing plus my panic at whats to come this week on week 5 of C25K.  Eeek!

who’s idea was this to exercise???

19 Mar

I completed day 2, week 2 of C25K this evening.  That was after also completing my 6 mile cycle commute.  I really did not want to go out this evening – the only way i could get my flagging a** out of the door was to fill up on nutella on toast and a cup of tea first.  Is that wrong?  Definitely negated any calorie burn that’s for sure.  I was well rewarded for getting out there though as there was an amazing after sunset glow over everything.  It was beautiful.  As a result I am sooooo tired now and thinking of calling it a night after I publish this post.

One of the reasons i am loving this C25K app is because it forces me to go out 3 times a week (even if i am less than enthusiastic about it sometimes).  I’m already trying to work out when i’m going to factor in run 3 this week.

The reason I had to haul my bottom out this evening was because i was supposed to go out yesterday but then the sun came out and we decided to go for a nice long hike instead.

We walked along country roads like this…

and cliff paths like this…

But best of all i got to spend a couple of uninterrupted hours just me and my hubby which, with our current schedules, is a huge rarity.  It was awesome and definitely worth skipping a workout for.

I hope you all had good weekends too!

the boy done good

20 Feb

hello lovely peeps.  I haven’t blogged all week and i feel guilty.  It’s been very hectic around here…lots to blog about but so little time.  I’ll start with John’s (my hubby) amazing success at a local auction house recently.

I asked John to pop to our local auction house as they had two lots of vintage suitcases that i wanted for the house.  We already have one we picked up in an antique shop but i have visions of big stacks of the lovely things to use as storage.  Neither John nor i had ever been to an auction before – i had visions of sneezing and buying a ruby necklace but none such thing happened.  Unfortunately boring old work got in the way for me and John went on his own, keeping me updated by text all the way.  John made it sound like sooo much fun even if he did get quite carried away.

We didn’t get the suitcases as they went for a couple of hundred pounds but, even better than that, John picked up a box of old used cameras (i’ll show you what we did with those on a different post), a huge framed Mark Rothko print and best of all this wonderful trunk.

it's the top trunk...

The name of the original owner is stencilled on the top of the trunk and there is a sticker of the ship it travelled on the side.  Using this info John has since found loads of info on the internet about the owner.  So cool – this gentleman would never have imagined that more than half a century later we would be storing all our CDs in his trunk!

It really is a beautiful piece and i’m very happy to give it a home.

And while i’m giving lots of blog love to the hubby check out this gorgeous pic he took of George our cat


He’s on our bed but i kinda think he looks like he’s in the dock.  Definitely guilty i would say!

Enjoy your week.  Four day countdown to holiday…. x

sandy runs

12 Feb

I mixed up the Sunday plan this weekend.  I had an unplanned rest day yesterday because, well…just because!  Perhaps the couple of cocktails with the ladies on Friday night?  So today i decided to get out there for a run to make up for it.  I’ve been cycling loads lately but i haven’t really been for a decent run since last year.

I mapped out 5k on, put on a gazillion layers, drank an espresso and i was out the door.  I ran/walk (although i’ll be honest there was more walking than i planned) the whole way.  It wasn’t without pain though – within 10 minutes i  was suffering from intense cramp in my foot and i was v close to calling for a lift home.  Then i figured out i’d tied my laces so tight my feet weren’t getting any blood!  I told you it’s been a while.

Now i am very lucky because i live right by the beach and i normally run on the bridle path but i decided to cheer myself up by running right on the shore line.  This was (part of) my run:

the beach

Ok so i don’t live in the Bahamas and it is February but this cheered me up no end and gave me such a boost.  I even wanted to run into the sea at the end but the moment passed pretty quickly when i remembered its about 1 degree at the mo!

Check out my layers…

Underneath that sexy jacket(!) was two (count ’em) sports bras, a vest and a long sleeve tee.  Plus that’s my ski-ing ear warmer a-top my bonce.  It’s not the world’s most attractive look but i was toasty.  BTW I think when you get up early to run you’re allowed to have a messy bedroom.

I hope my muscles allow me to cycle tomorrow…

Definitely going to be factoring another run into today’s Sunday plan.  The Sunday plan is also really going to have to start including creative projects because i am sorely lacking in that department lately (iPhone photography on my run being the exception of course…)

Happy Sunday and enjoy your week x