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what a wonderful week

19 Jul

I have had such an amazing 7 days…

It started with my lil’ sisters wedding last Friday.  What a gorgeous and relaxed day we had.  Congratulations to the new Mrs Amy.  This is the beautiful dress i got to wear



This dress is from BHLDN, the wedding arm of Anthropologie.  It is A-MAZ-ING.  Ali’s dress was from the same shop.  Stunning.

Next up we paid a very flying visit to London to see Paul Simon play at Hyde Park.  If you’ve never been to the Hard Rock Calling festival then you should definitely put it on your list of things to do.  Those who reside in dear old blighty will know the weather hasn’t been kind to us recently but the lovely festival organisers wood chipped everything so not only was there no mud but the whole place smelt pine fresh!  Paul Simon was INCREDIBLE.  His set was more than two hours long and his guest list was as long as your arm.  Totally worth getting up at stupid o’clock Sunday and Monday to see him.  I love him even more now i’ve seen him live.

Then we had my gorgeous hubby’s birthday which culminated in a lovely meal by the beach (albeit a wet and windy beach) with lots of our friends.

I’m off out for my fourth meal of the week tonight (pizza in case you were wondering).  Then i think as of this weekend its clean eating and lots of exercise for me.  I had an MRI scan on Monday and the scariest part was that they have to weigh you first!  Eeep! Having not weighed myself for about six months i had a bit of a shock.  But hey ho i’m injured – that’s my excuse and i’m sticking to it.

Let me put all this into perspective for you – this time last year my husband had just been diagnosed with cancer.  I’d had to leave him at the hospital to go home and pack his bag for a medical flight to the UK.  Now we get to fly off at our leisure to do the things we really want to do.  This makes me very smiley!!!

I had the MRI results today – i’m still digesting those and what they mean for me so that will be another blog post.

I hope you’re all having equally wonderful weeks!



whoop whoop! birthday running goodies!

24 Apr

It’s my birthday this week so i treated myself to some goodies from  I tend to think of Wiggle as a cycling shop and i’ve bought cycling stuff from them before but they also have a fab running section which is super easy to use with lots of honest customer reviews on stuff and blogs with loads of useful info!  Plus the order came in about a day and a half.  Before i carry on i should say i’ve not been paid to say any of this stuff, nor did i get anything for free (more’s the pity) so this is truely my own opinion.

So, moving on, I never thought i would get this excited about new running stuff but i really am.  My PE teacher from school would be choking on her whistle!!  I guess this might make me a real runner.

Here’s my bounty:

Including a very bright Nike running skirt with integrated shorts, citrus flavour Nuun rehydration tablets, 15 Clif bars and these sexy things…

I’m very lucky in that i’ve never really experienced any injuries or proper pain from running, or any kind of exercise.  A lot of discomfort and sore muscles but no pain.  The one thing i do get is quite hot achey feet and calves after running so after reading about compression technology on loads of running sites i decided to give these a try.  I shall let you know how i get on with them.

The Nuun tablets are very yummy – i’ve popped those babies open already and they did a great job of hydrating me after my cycle ride and bodyrock workout.

Anyone noticed yet that i have a bit of a thing for bright workout gear??? That hot pink is going to go great with my turquoise Nikes.

So happy birthday to me.  There may be more treats this week – i’m hankering after a new road bike and a Garmin Forerunner for my running.  I haven’t spent any money on myself for ages so maybe this week is the week to break the bank.  I’ll keep you posted.

Also, i might have some race news to update you on shortly.  I’m getting very excited about this as there may be several races on the horizon…all the more reason for a Garmin!!

Anyone else spent way too much on themselves this week?  Who’s been registering for races?