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i’m back baby!!

7 Jul

back on the proper workouts that is!  Despite my newest diagnosis of a “significant derangement of the knee” and an impending MRI scan i’ve slowly started getting back into proper workouts.  So long as i am diligent with my physio and i do no daft twisting movements it’s sort of ok.  This week I’ve cycled to work twice (would have been more but the weather here is atrocious), i’ve done two 2 mile runs (although running downhill is proving a problem), touch rugby training (slightly modified) and ….. dun dun dun….. I played for my team on Wednesday.  It felt sooooo good.  See them go…

And yup that really is our kit.  Today I had a date with this lady….

It’s not 100% clear whether you’re supposed to do the workout everyday for the whole 30 days (or maybe i wasn’t paying attention) but i’m going to try and do it a few days a week.  It’s a bit frustrating having to stick to the modifications when a couple of months ago i was hammering it through insane Bodyrock workouts but it is what it is.

In a week that has been nothing less than rubbish exercise is my salvation.  Sweat instantly makes me feel good.  That is pure cheddar i know but super true.

In other news this lone wanderer decided to make an appearance after 10 days hitting the trail.

I flyered every house in the district, I paid £60 for an advert in our local paper, he was on two local radio stations and i trespassed a whole lot of land trying to find him.  On the 10th night he just waltzed through the cat flap and miaowed for his dinner.  And just so the other ones not too jealous and goes for his own wander here he is too…

If you want to know how i obtained membership for the crazy cat lady society please message me below!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody.  I am looking forward to a much less stressful week, much more exercise and above all else being my little sister’s bridesmaid on Friday.  Sooooo exciting!!


sitting on the sidelines

27 Jun

Tonight i watched my touch rugby team play in our local league.  Unfortunately we lost again, haven’t won a game yet but still plenty of time.  It’s pretty depressing having to stand on the sidelines once again as i’m still injured but hopefully next week i might get some practice in and see how i go.  I have this massive, ridic unsexy knee support that i plan to wear.  If nothing else it will get me some sympathy (or raise a laugh)!!!

My exercise this week has mostly been out walking (in the rain) looking for this gorgeous little dude…

OK he doesn’t look that gorgeous in the photo, i mean what cat sleeps like that?!?  Coco that’s who.  He’s been gone 10 days now and is very, very much missed.  Hopefully he’s just off on some exciting adventure and will saunter back through the door very soon.  He’s microchipped so should he turn up at a vets or a shelter we would get a call.  Cross your fingers for us.

Plans for the weekend – got to step it up a bit on the fitness front.  My marathon (as part of a relay … stop choking on your coffee) is coming up fast so i really need to get past this injury.  In short that means i am going for a run this weekend although it maybe a short one it will be a run!  I am also planning on starting Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred.  I will be sporting the knee brace for that one too!

What are your plans for the weekend?  Inspire me!

thanks for the holidays Queenie

5 Jun

Thanks to the lovely Queen i’ve had four whole days off work!!  A – wooo – hoo!!  A little recap…

I ate this amazing dessert, after an amazing dinner, cooked by my lovely friend Caroline.  She is some kinda domestic goddess that i could never be.

I cycled!! Yay!  If you’ve been reading my blog lately you’ll know that three weeks ago i badly twisted my knee playing Touch Rugby and have been unable to do any kind of exercise since (other than boring old physio exercises).  On Sunday i did a small cycle ride (about 2 miles) and i was so happy.  I can’t say my knee wasn’t sore but it didn’t get any worse.  Makes me very smiley!

I also managed some pilates.  I love Suzanne Bowen’s 10 Minute Solutions series and i did two segments of her Perfect Pilates Body this morning.  I’m going to try and fit this in every day until i’m back up and running (and hopefully continue as much as possible while i’m running).  Not just to keep me in shape but to strengthen and prevent injury in the future.  Good sense methinks.

I made thai green curry.  It’s not culinary genius – it’s just curry paste, coconut milk and veg but it’s yummy.  I had brown rice with it.  I’m never 100% sure whether brown rice is that great for you as there’s so much conflicting advice out there about how hard it is to digest but i like the taste so whatever!

We went swimming in the sea.  To put this in perspective people i don’t live in California, i live in the UK.  The average sea temp for June is just 14°.  You’d be happy if you were served your G&T at that temperature.  It was seriously refreshing though and totally worth it.  It was high tide, the sand was white and the water was crystal clear.  Once my body went numb the water felt wonderful.  I felt amazing afterwards and vowed to go again as much as possible.  Then it rained today.  Oh well.

I hope you’ve all had fantastic weekends.  What’s your favourite exercise DVD?  Is there one you always go back to?

how i’m getting myself out of my injury funk

20 May

Yes i know i’ve only been out of commission since Wednesday evening but it really is getting me down that i can’t do any physical exercise at the moment apart from a very slow pathetic hobble on my sexy crutches.  On Thursday night i was very down and looking at these made me feel very sad…

all my little Nuun all lined up like soldiers waiting to replace my electrolytes

poor little lonely Garmin

So i did what any self respecting girl would do, i Googled how to survive your injury funk.  After trawling through many articles on how to survive bear attacks, earthquakes, zombie attacks and the end of the world (seriously – who is an expert on that?!?) I found this awesome article by a lady who’s blog i already follow – 10 ways to survive your injury without being a being a b*tch by Shutupandrun.  So i’ve learnt not to google my injury (it seems those people who healed very quickly without any complications hardly ever post about their suffering and there are plenty of people out there who don’t trust people who’ve spent about 300 years putting themselves through med school and decide to make up their own treatments!).  I also need to put my injury into perspective – there are people waaaay worse off than me and in a short while this will all be a distant (maybe even quite funny) memory.

I now need to change my training plan.  I have physio tomorrow so i will be asking when i can start cross training.  I’d like to start swimming and pilates as soon as possible so i lose minimal amount of fitness.  As soon as i’ve got no pain or discomfort i’ll be back on the bike too.  Running may have to take a back seat for a little while.

I also need to learn a lesson here.  If i could go all Marty McFly and write to myself a week ago it would go something like this –

Dear Dawn,

Before you play Touch Rugby on Wednesday warm up you big dingus!  And while you’re at it if a man is sprinting at you with the ball and the fastest guy on your team is already after him don’t feel the need to get your own tackle attempt in their too!  You’re really not a hero!

Love Dawn

ps if you should still decide you don’t like your knee facing in the usual straight line and decide to experiment with running on a sideways facing foot then less of the amateur dramatics afterwards please, its just embarrassing.  

This has made me realise how active i actually am and how much i love it.  I’m glad that i love something so much it makes me blue that i can’t do it but i’m not so dramatic that i know i’ll never do it again. This is also a golden opportunity to get all those other things done that i’ve neglected so far this year.  Tax return here i come….

I promise i’ll stop whining about my injury very soon and start coming up with some more slightly interesting posts.

Dawn x

enforced rest…grrr

17 May

Just a quick post today.  I had a little accident at my first ever Touch Rugby League game last night.  I’d literally been playing for about three minutes when i sprinted in for a tackle/touch and wrenched my knee.  Cue a lot of dramatic screaming and hyperventilating (kinda embarrassed about this…) and a trip to A&E.  Followed by a minor fainting session when i tried to walk on it this morning.

Had an hours physio this afternoon and although she couldn’t give me a firm diagnosis it looks like i’ve strained my popliteus muscle.  It’s not the worst thing i could have done and if it is that i could possibly be up and running again within a month.  I think the physio was getting pretty annoyed with all my “so will i be able to run 5k next week?”, “can i play rugby on Sunday?”, “when will i be fixed?” type questions but it was a pretty emphatic NO on the Race for Life 5k which i am super gutted about.  This is what i have been training for for about 9 weeks now and only had two more of my C25K sessions to go.  I’ll still be cheering all my girlys on and sponsoring them all as its such a fab charity (Cancer Research UK).

So i’m feeling very, very sorry for myself now but will be doing every exercise the physio gave me, to the letter, and i will have the fastest healing muscles in the land.  On the plus side i was classed as “very healthy”, my knees are “solid as rocks” (in a good way) and my leg muscles are very strong.  So at least i know the training was working up until now.  I might be getting some super pumped arms from walking on crutches too.  Every cloud must have a silver lining….

Anyone got any words of wisdom for me?  Have you had this injury before?  If so how long did it take you to heal (and don’t tell me if it was forever please).

Hope everyone else is fit and well.