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Homemade protein ballz

28 Jul

I know protein ball recipes are ten a penny here on the internets and I’ve tried many a ball recipe on Pinterest with varying degrees of success. However, at the weekend I bought some balls from a local store which were A-Maze-Ing and I really wanted to replicate that taste at home without spending £1 a ball <—-eek! They tasted like heaven chocolate marzipan. Mmmmm chocolate marzipan…..


Ok so you can’t really call these balls, more like lumps, and foodie photog i am not!

The basis for any protein ball is usually dried stuff like protein powder, nuts, shredded coconut etc mixed with liquids like coconut oil and nut butters to bind them <—– you’re welcome for this explicit and knowledgable explanation of protein balls. For these balls I decided to use dates as a sweet base, I knew I needed almonds for that marzipan taste and I also added chocolate protein powder.  They turned out pretty flipping yummy if I do say so myself.


The final recipe (this makes a small amount – I’m fickle with flavours and can’t keep eating the same balls day after day)

Half a cup of dates

Half a cup of ground almonds

Big scoop of protein powder

Generous spoonful of smooth almond butter (or enough to bind)

Blitz away and once the mixture looks like bread crumbs form into balls with your hands.


enjoy x


mmmmm…chocolate oats

6 Jan



My new healthy breakfast that tastes like a treat!!  I add a teaspoonful of hot chocolate powder and a shake each of cinnamon and nutmeg while the oats are cooking in a pan on the hob and it is scrummy!  I’m not mad keen on sweet breakfasts – never understood the whole frosties or coco pops thing but the chocolate powder i use is not too sweet and just gives it a lovely flavour and creamy texture.  I use this powder from M&S but you could use any you have hanging round the house.



I’ve also added blueberries and sultanas to the bowl so i can legitimately say i’ve had at least one of my five a day before the day has really started.  For a protein boost (for all you New Year’s resolutioners) you can add a scoop of chocolate or vanilla protein powder or whip an egg white in while the oats are still cold.  If you are trying to keep it heathy make sure you get whole oats not rolled or processed in any way.  There’s no need to buy the microwaveable packets either because you can microwave any porridge oats.

Enjoy!  Let me know if you try this or you have any other amazing oaty flavours to share.  I also love almond and desiccated coconut.

another day another medal – Santa 5K

17 Dec

Yesterday I ran a Santa Fun Run in aid of a local charity which raises funds for carefully chosen projects where children are in distress through whatever life has thrown at them, war/disaster zones, poverty, sickness, homeless and on larger scales children that are orphaned.  A brilliant charity I’m sure you’ll agree.

Check out my Christmas socks. They go so well with my Nikes don’t you think?  I knew it was going to be cold so i layered these over my running tights and my normal running socks.  I wore a fetching Santa jacket and hat to go with this hip ensemble.  Vogue should be on the phone any minute…


The race was a 5K although my trusty Garmin informed me it was actually about 3.75 miles which i reckon to be 6K.  Who’s counting though?  The weather was horrendous – we suffered a hailstorm halfway through (in between the gusting winds) which was fun,  and i promise i wasn’t grumpy at all (ahem!). I managed to warm myself up with this delight afterwards…


You can always trust Mr Marks & Mr Spencer to make you a good soup – and one that’s Christmas dinner in a bowl to boot!  Yes purlease!!

We got this little trinket for our troubles and I hung it on the Christmas Tree:


And finally, in case you were concerned i’d gone all normal cat lady on you let me just cement my crazy cat lady status by showing you this cutey:

You didn’t know Amazon delivered adorable little cats now did you?

Did anyone else take part in a Santa Fun Run this weekend?  I hope the weather was nicer to you.

the joy of new foods

17 Mar

Lately i’ve been trying to introduce new healthier foods into my life.  This week was the turn of quinoa.  For those of you not familiar it’s apparently pronounced “keen-wah” and those friendly folks over at Wikipedia tell me it’s not a grain at all but rather a seed.  It looks like this before it’s cooked:

It is often touted as a super food and has a slightly higher protein content than other grains.  Wikipedia also says Quinoa grains contain essential amino acids like lysine and good quantities of calcium, phosphorus, and iron.  Can’t be bad huh?  So last night I boiled some up with some Bouillion, pepper and paprika.  Once cooked i stirred in roast veggies (courgette, onion and aubergine) and a splash of balsamic vinegar.  It was yummy and even John liked it and he’s picky.  It’s hard to describe – not quite cous cous or rice – it looks sloppy but it still has a crunch.  I guess the key is to add lots of flavour.  Now I can’t wait to try out this recipe for zesty quinoa cakes.

Lately i’ve also been trying out Chia seeds.  I bought this packet from Holland & Barrett:

They are not cheap though!  I think this packet was about £13!  However, if you read as many fitness blogs as i do you’ll know these are the it thing to eat.  Plus i reckon this pack is going to last ages.  The seeds themselves are pretty much flavourless and can be added to soups, salads, cereal etc.  I add them to my porridge every morning.  Wikipedia to the rescue again… the seeds apparently are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, since the seeds yield 25–30% extractable oil, including α-linolenic acid.  Phew!!  I usually get very dry skin in the winter but so far that’s been kept at bay this year.  It might be the mild winter or it may be the seeds.  Who knows but i think i’ll keep eating them.

Have you tried any new foods recently?

This morning i rocked this Bodyrock workout and this St Paddy’s day love handle workout.  Feeling great now and off to enjoy my St Paddy’s day x

moving on from my cooking failure

7 Feb

Undeterred by my stupendous failure in the kitchen on Sunday (see my last post) i decided to kick it up a notch in the kitchen tonight.  I’ve been on a bit of an exercise kick since the start of the year and although i’ve been being vaguely healthy in my eating (jelly babies are healthy right?!?) i’ve probably neglected that side of things a little.  So inspired by all the fresh goodies hubby had purchased this afternoon i cooked up a storm and i really had to share the beauty (i’ve just noticed that the plate has a big chip on it – that’s what you get for paying £17 for your dinner service!!!):


This was baked chicken with a spicy topping, couscous, roasted veg and a salad.  Yum yum.  I’m not exactly sure what these salad leaves are but they are very tasty – quite peppery.

Just goes to show you’ve got to get straight back on that bike when you fall off!

I’m not one for calorie counting or food grouping (way too lazy for all that kind of thing) so i rely on just eating in moderation things that i believe are healthy.  Nothing is banned as such but i try to steer away from the obvious things like mayo and chips.  I don’t like to eat too much “artificial” food so i’d rather eat a little bit of butter than margarine (ugh).  I also drink full fat coke (albeit not very often) instead of diet.  When i was younger i was very strict about what i ate and as a consequence i was a lot skinnier but now i figure life is waaaay to short not to eat pizza now and then.

If you’ve any healthy recipes to share please ping them my way.  I’m already pinning lots that i’ve seen on other blogs and can’t wait to try them all out.