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random phone pics of cycling, beer and birthdays

4 May

despite the fact that i have two pretty awesome cameras i take more pics on my phone than on any camera.  It’s just always there, it takes some pretty fab pics and then i can mess around on snapseed if the mood takes me.  So here’s a few pics from the last few days.  David Bailey eat your heart out…

ImageSome of my birthday cards.

ImageWaiting for hubby so we can ride home to the pub together after work (we had much to put right with the world don’t you know and that can only be done over a pint).  And yes this is the view two minutes away from my office.  How do i get any work done???  I love that there’s one solitary tiny little grey cloud in this picture – like it’s trying to be menacing but it’s just so small and cute!

ImageSwift half birthday pint after a 20k ride (with a 221m climb no less). Thanks to Strava for the stats.  I LOVE Strava and i’m not exactly sure how I managed to live this long without it – I don’t even have premium yet and i’m totally its biggest fan!

Looking back i notice a theme of beer, cycling and birthdays.  I guess that’s the kind of week it’s been. 

Love to you all X


(almost) wordless New Year’s Eve recap

1 Jan

DSC_1847 DSC_1789 DSC_1806 DSC_1779 DSC_1798 DSC_1825 DSC_1800



I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve.  Wishing you a healthy and happy 2013!

Dawn X

interesting things i have read this week

13 Jun

Bit of a cheat post today.  I’ve read loads of awesome things on the www recently so i thought i’d share just a small sample of those today.  You may or may not choose to read them – maybe you’re trying to pretend you’re working and this might kill 5 minutes.

50 things you think are good for but aren’t – i knew about a few of these but there are some shockers in here.  Or maybe i’m just not clued up…

Why IKEA should be shut down (but where would i get my cheap furniture???) – my new favourite blog obsession hit a chord with me by dreading an upcoming trip to IKEA.  I just had to share my story with her as embarrassing as it is.

Summer shape up 2012 – the lovely Gina has started her summer shape up.  With work out plans, meal plans and even grocery lists, whats not to love?

How to get your way every time – fab article on the BBC that i’ll be putting to good use! Oh darling hubby you are so much better at making tea/cooking/taking bins out than i am…

The amazing shrinking woman – the lovely Hanna’s amazing weight loss story with super inspiring before and after pictures.  Hanna has her hands full as a Mum but still managed to fit in exercise.  You’ve got no excuse!!

And for no reason other than that i don’t like writing blog posts without a picture here is a lovely pic of a daisy chain i made the other day before hubby mowed the lawn and took out all the daisies.  Did i mention i’m part hippie?

So that’s it from me really.  Share with me what you’ve been reading.

weekend frolics

12 Apr

last weekend was a wonderful four day weekend here in the UK.  i could so get used to those.  further to my last post re living life to the max we crammed in quite a lot.  Here is a picture diary (of sorts) of some of the stuff we got up to…

we planted veggies (toms, cucumber, lettuce) and sunflowers. At the garden centre we also impulse bought, and used, a new BBQ.  How cute is this??  Looks like a little alien!  I’ve also started composting.  Brings a whole new meaning to eating clean when your meal comes straight from your own garden.

ate ice cream (maple nut in my case) soooooo scrummy.  totally virtuous as well, because…

we ate them on a nice long cliff walk …. and i got in a quick run…still loving those awesome Nikes.


we chilled out…well Coco did, taking up most of the sofa.  And finally…

I made this awesome cake for my nephew.

Of course, that wasn’t all but i’m not going to bore you with a minute by minute account.  I just wanted to show that even when life gets a bit crap at times you gotta get out there and make the most of it.  No point moping around indoors.  Plus exercise releases endorphins and all that other happy stuff and you can’t argue with science my friends.

This next weekend is going to be a manic one but i hope to post about some of the more creative stuff i’m doing plus my panic at whats to come this week on week 5 of C25K.  Eeek!

photography Thursday

2 Feb

i’ve had a pretty crazy week this week so i’ve not completed (or even touched) anything slightly creative (although in case you were worried i’ve kept up the workouts from my Sunday plan – my favourite so far has to be the lovely yoga sesh this evening) and i’m totally shattered.

As a result i’d like to share another of my first SLR attempts i took recently.  Sorry to go all poncy on you but i love the juxtaposition of the greenery and the power plant chimneys behind.  Being a bit of a newbie at photography i’d only just learned about depth of field and i went a bit crazy over blurry backgrounds but this one came out well i think.  That’s one of the joys (and equally the frustrations) of film photography – you don’t know what your picture will look like until you get your film developed.

so there’s snow warnings for this weekend, i wonder what photographic opportunities that will bring.  Many i hope.  Although lots of layers may be called for!  I’ve been cycling to work with my ski gloves on and my ear warmers under my cycle helmet – i’m such a baby when it comes to the cold.

See you at the weekend & stay warm x