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Returning from the wilderness

26 Jul

Well it’s only been two years since i last updated this blog? If i do a post every two years that’s regular in my books ok?

So a HUGE amount has happened in the last two years which may account for my absence. In a short summary…think trashy 80’s film dream sequence….I…

* got pregnant

* had my beautiful little (2.1lbs) boy at 28 weeks

* spent a long, long 14 weeks on two different neonatal units

* started walking

* joined a running club

* ran a lot

* took part in my first half marathon

* enjoyed the good life with my little family

And that basically takes me up until now. I have an amazing family now and the most wonderful 20 month old little boy who makes me laugh, cry and all that’s in-between. But when i can (read:nap time) I run. I run because I now know the importance of my health. I run because I want to be a good (stress free) role model and I run because I love it. I’ve met some wonderful people through my running group and despite the fact that i’m a good 2 minute/mile behind them all they are so encouraging. Oh yeah and I lost a bit of weight! Nice bonus.

So i’m going to give this blogging thing another go. I’ll be writing about running (well dur…), a bit on motherhood, having a premature baby and anything else i can think of. Just don’t expect me to be blogging all the time.

Come along for the ride x



another day another medal – Santa 5K

17 Dec

Yesterday I ran a Santa Fun Run in aid of a local charity which raises funds for carefully chosen projects where children are in distress through whatever life has thrown at them, war/disaster zones, poverty, sickness, homeless and on larger scales children that are orphaned.  A brilliant charity I’m sure you’ll agree.

Check out my Christmas socks. They go so well with my Nikes don’t you think?  I knew it was going to be cold so i layered these over my running tights and my normal running socks.  I wore a fetching Santa jacket and hat to go with this hip ensemble.  Vogue should be on the phone any minute…


The race was a 5K although my trusty Garmin informed me it was actually about 3.75 miles which i reckon to be 6K.  Who’s counting though?  The weather was horrendous – we suffered a hailstorm halfway through (in between the gusting winds) which was fun,  and i promise i wasn’t grumpy at all (ahem!). I managed to warm myself up with this delight afterwards…


You can always trust Mr Marks & Mr Spencer to make you a good soup – and one that’s Christmas dinner in a bowl to boot!  Yes purlease!!

We got this little trinket for our troubles and I hung it on the Christmas Tree:


And finally, in case you were concerned i’d gone all normal cat lady on you let me just cement my crazy cat lady status by showing you this cutey:

You didn’t know Amazon delivered adorable little cats now did you?

Did anyone else take part in a Santa Fun Run this weekend?  I hope the weather was nicer to you.

running the Great South Run

22 Nov

Don’t ever say i don’t give you timely posts on all my sporting achievements!!! Haha!

Last month John and I ran the Bupa Great South Run (thanks for running with me hubby!).  The GSR is one of a series of running events Bupa sponsors in the UK.  It’s 10 miles on a fast flat course, 25,000 people run it including elites, and it takes place in the lovely city of Portsmouth.

Here’s my proud little face shortly after finishing…

Oh yeah – bringing back the bumbag single handedly baby!! I am so cool and it was so cold!  It’s not the world’s most attractive pic of me but its what you get when i’m shouting at John to take a pic of me on my phone for the blog before i seize up in the freezing cold while trying to smile.

Regular readers of my blog will know that i tore the ACL in my knee back in May which hampered my training quite a bit but with the help of an awesome physiotherapist and about a gazillion squats I finished in 2 hours 13 minutes with no pain.  Well…no pain in my knee anyway!

I’d only run a maximum distance of 7 miles in training hoping that the atmosphere of the day would pull me through.  It was such an amazing atmosphere – so well supported – but around about mile 8 i gotta say i got a bit emotional.  Tell me this happens to other people but even when i’m training sometimes i’m known to tear up – even on a 4 miler!  Just me that’s a pansy then huh?  So when they gave out handfuls of jelly babies around mile 8.5 it was like the best moment of my life.  Ever!  I ran around the women offering smears of vaseline though.  That’s just weird.

We got a fab goodie bag at the end which looked like this…

Thanks Bupa!!  Pretty much all food related items were consumed on the train ride to the airport.

The best part is i got to raise more than £800 for my local cancer treatment unit.  Yay!

So now my medal collection since August looks like this…

I’m not entirely sure i’d do this race again – i’m thinking maybe a 10K might be more my style.  I’ve got no more races planned apart from a charity 5K Santa Dash in December.  I’m hoping this is enough to keep my motivation up during these wet and windy winter evenings.  I might have to start plotting for next year now.

Happy Thanksgiving to all American readers (and to everyone else).  I’m thankful that i’m healthy enough to do stuff like this and thankful that people actually read the rubbish I write.

Until next time…



let’s catch up (or my cycle tour of Devon)

16 Sep

i know i don’t write or call as often as i should.  I am a bad blogger.  I wish i was sorry but there is such a good reason.  Basically i have a new love.  Don’t worry the hubby needn’t be jealous for my new love has two wheels…

Yes i am the proud owner of a beautiful road bike (and i don’t cut my hedges often enough).  Isn’t she lovely?  Not sure whether it was the Tour de France or the Olympics that got me but either way i have been totally seduced by cycling!

Both John and i have been cycling lots, not least because in three weeks time i’m taking part in Cycletta in Cheshire to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.  This is a 40K cycle ride so i need all the training i can get.  Did i mention Victoria Pendleton will be there also?  Eeek, very excited!

Recently John and i spent a week in a cottage in Devon for our holidays. It was absolute bliss, gorgeous sunshine and totally surrounded by nature.  What’s not to love.  The view from our cottage:

We cycled the Tarka Trail and the Granite Way, both great traffic free trails suitable for road bikes and for our third ride we did a 20 mile round trip to a lake.  Although it is VERY hilly it’s wonderful country to be cycling round (did i mention it’s hilly?  Oh yeah, it’s hilly).  The lanes are very quiet.  You’re more likely to meet a tractor or a horse than a car.  Plus there are plenty of establishments selling wonderful local cider and cream teas (the essential cycling nutrition combo).  We were extremely lucky with the weather – if it had rained all week it may have been a different story but if you are lucky enough to spend a week in Devon in the sunshine i would totally recommend getting on two wheels.

In other news…I also recently ran the Guernsey Marathon as part of a relay team.

Yes this is the best picture my hubby could take of me.  I think i was running faster than the speed of light!!  I shall do a proper recap of this race in a separate post (although don’t hold your breath with my current track record) but it’s safe to say my leg of the race was fairly unpleasant.  I tore my ACL back in May and although my rehab is going well my knee is still fairly unstable and i couldn’t get in as much training as i’d like to have done.  The leg was 4.2 miles of hills (up and down).  It has taken my knee nearly two weeks to recover.  The team part was awesome though and i would do it again in a heartbeat!

Until next time X





i’m back baby!!

7 Jul

back on the proper workouts that is!  Despite my newest diagnosis of a “significant derangement of the knee” and an impending MRI scan i’ve slowly started getting back into proper workouts.  So long as i am diligent with my physio and i do no daft twisting movements it’s sort of ok.  This week I’ve cycled to work twice (would have been more but the weather here is atrocious), i’ve done two 2 mile runs (although running downhill is proving a problem), touch rugby training (slightly modified) and ….. dun dun dun….. I played for my team on Wednesday.  It felt sooooo good.  See them go…

And yup that really is our kit.  Today I had a date with this lady….

It’s not 100% clear whether you’re supposed to do the workout everyday for the whole 30 days (or maybe i wasn’t paying attention) but i’m going to try and do it a few days a week.  It’s a bit frustrating having to stick to the modifications when a couple of months ago i was hammering it through insane Bodyrock workouts but it is what it is.

In a week that has been nothing less than rubbish exercise is my salvation.  Sweat instantly makes me feel good.  That is pure cheddar i know but super true.

In other news this lone wanderer decided to make an appearance after 10 days hitting the trail.

I flyered every house in the district, I paid £60 for an advert in our local paper, he was on two local radio stations and i trespassed a whole lot of land trying to find him.  On the 10th night he just waltzed through the cat flap and miaowed for his dinner.  And just so the other ones not too jealous and goes for his own wander here he is too…

If you want to know how i obtained membership for the crazy cat lady society please message me below!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody.  I am looking forward to a much less stressful week, much more exercise and above all else being my little sister’s bridesmaid on Friday.  Sooooo exciting!!

sweat it out Saturday

12 May

as promised last Saturday, every Saturday i’m going to try and post my workouts for the week so i can track my training for my upcoming races and as a way of making myself accountable.  Read – i’m totally l-a-z-y and if i don’t blog about it i probably won’t do it!!

Stephanie started Sweat it out Saturday at her blog the New Healthy. Check it out its awesome.  Full of loads of healthy tips, inspiration and recipes.

So here is what i have been mostly doing this week:

Sunday – 3 mile run and leisurely bike ride with my hubby

Monday – looooonnngggg cliff walk.  Don’t know why but i found this workout (if you can call it that) the hardest of them all and i swear my gluteus maximus is still punishing me for this one.

Tuesday – 3 mile run and 3 mile walk home (may have been weaving a little on this last walk making it possibly twice as long thanks to some celebratory beers – oops).

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – 7 mile cycle ride plus touch rugby training.  We trained in the wind and rain (oh yes i’m hardcore) and i have never been so muddy!

Friday – 7 mile cycle ride followed by some throwing practice for an hour on the beach with my lovely hubby.

Saturday – 3.2 mile run (see told you i was going to get a longer run in this week) followed by a very leisurely cycle ride to get an ice cream!  It’s all about balance my friends.

We are just firing up the BBQ for dinner then going into town to meet some friends.  I think i’m going to need an espresso if i’m going to stay awake for that!

What has your week been like?  Hope its been a good one.  Tell me about your workouts.

The rain has finally cleared for some sunshine.  Huzzah – at last.

sweat it out Saturday

5 May

This week i think i’ve done so well on my working out, training and signing up for races that i’m finally going to join Stephanie at The New Healthy for Sweat it out Saturday.

This is an amazing forum for bloggers to share in their sweat (although not literally of course – that would be icky) and motivate each other.  The rules are that your post has to make you sweat, motivate you to sweat, or accompany you in your sweatiness.  I’m going to try and do it each Saturday as a way of making myself accountable and getting some inspiration from all you lot out there. If i don’t workout i’ll have nothing to post about and my blog will be even more boring than usual!!

So my week looked like this:

Sunday – 3 mile run with my slow sister

Monday – First touch rugby training (not too energetic though – mostly just me trying to not look too confused while running through drills then watching a real game!)

Tuesday – 7 mile cycle and 3 mile run

Wednesday – 7 mile cycle

Thursday – yoga class followed by touch rugby training (very energetic and sooo much fun)

Friday – 7 mile cycle (was supposed to run afterwards but the weather was so nasty i just got my slippers on and vegged out)

Saturday – rest day

Next week i want to get in some longer runs and some bodyrock workouts as i’m really missing my strength training – i’m a bit of a cardio queen at the moment!

I’m all signed up and registered for the following races now:

Race for Life 5K (this month – eek)

Guernsey Marathon in August (as part of a 5 girl relay team)

Cycletta 40k cycle in October

BUPA Great South Run 10 miles in October

And finally check out these beautiful flowers my husbands folks sent us to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.  I can’t believe such an awesome man has put up with me for a whole 366 days as a wife!  Yay!

What have you been up to this week?