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endurance training (or how not to…)

3 Jul

So you want to be an awesome cyclist like me?  (No?  Don’t you know i’ve met Victoria Pendleton?) Then follow my recipe for the endurance ride of your life.  This ride took place on a lovely sunny Monday evening…

First i selected an approximately two mile route (I wouldn’t go more than 3 miles for this one).  A route that just so happened to have a local fayre at the end of it.  If you’re a stats person i’d say it had one short hill, approx 7%, but was mostly flat.  I can’t tell you true stats as this really wasn’t deserving of a Garmin or Strava outing.  Next, cycle at a leisurely pace for the first two miles.  It’s important not to exert yourself too much at this point – the real test is yet to come.  At one point hubby was shouting at me from about a mile away that he couldn’t ride slowly enough to stay with me.  What he didn’t realise was that the dress and leggings i had chosen to wear, instead of that boring lycra, was adding extra resistance and giving me a great workout.

Stop at aforementioned fayre.  Wander round for a bit (ah yes cross training with a walk no less) then, and here’s the crucial bit and where the endurance part kicks in, eat a large pot of locally made stew.  You know the type that’s probably been stewing since the fayre the year before, full of root vegetables and beans, and so claggy you can feel it sticking to your insides as it goes down?  Wander round some more.  Admire long forgotten craft forms and spend time looking at and choosing some gorgeous artwork before remembering you cycled there and you’ve no way of getting anything home!  Finally, attempt to cycle home on your very full belly!!  This works best if you think you know a shortcut to your house which you persuade your husband to take only for it to pretty much take you back from whence you came before taking you under and over a few rolling hills before eventually delivering you home.

I can truly say if you can survive that you can sew that endurance badge on your cycling shorts.  I was a whinging moaning mess by the time i got home.  Although to be fair it’s not that different from my more serious training rides.  I’m pretty sure if Lance Armstrong had read my training book there would have been no need for all that doping!

I’m still in recovery now but i’m pretty sure by this time next year i’ll be ready to do it all again.

On a more serious note, if certain people’s passports turn up in the post in the next few days i’m hoping to whizz off to France for a day or two to catch a snippet of the Tour de France.  Exciting stuff.

Anyone else got some training gems to share?


beating the winter weather aka turbo training!

10 Apr

Lately the weather here has been pretty Jekyll and Hyde.  When the weather doesn’t look as beautiful as this…



(both taken on a recent walk just a week ago) we are suffering high winds and sideways rain/sleet.  So the only way to train in a civilised manner is to set my road bike up on the turbo trainer.  I’m loving my foldable Turbo trainer.  Super easy to set up for a total novice like me and folds away when you’re not using it.  Or if you’re like me you just leave your bike set up in front of the telly for days on end!


One thing i was surprised about using a turbo trainer is just how much harder it is than road cycling – not only is the resistance harder but you don’t get the joys of stopping occasionally to free wheel down hills for a bit.  I can still only cycle on the first few settings.  I’m sure i can already feel the benefit though.  I’ve looked up some free videos on YouTube which have been great and I’ve also tried some tough interval sessions.

Having said all that i can’t wait for the sunshine to come back as there really is no substitute for getting out there in the fresh air (and stopping for cake and tea along the way!).  So tonight i’m setting out the cycle kit and i’m going to sleep with my fingers crossed.  I promise i’m not always a fair weather cyclist but when the winds get over 30mph the warmth and dryness of the car do look awfully tempting.


i’m back baby!!

7 Jul

back on the proper workouts that is!  Despite my newest diagnosis of a “significant derangement of the knee” and an impending MRI scan i’ve slowly started getting back into proper workouts.  So long as i am diligent with my physio and i do no daft twisting movements it’s sort of ok.  This week I’ve cycled to work twice (would have been more but the weather here is atrocious), i’ve done two 2 mile runs (although running downhill is proving a problem), touch rugby training (slightly modified) and ….. dun dun dun….. I played for my team on Wednesday.  It felt sooooo good.  See them go…

And yup that really is our kit.  Today I had a date with this lady….

It’s not 100% clear whether you’re supposed to do the workout everyday for the whole 30 days (or maybe i wasn’t paying attention) but i’m going to try and do it a few days a week.  It’s a bit frustrating having to stick to the modifications when a couple of months ago i was hammering it through insane Bodyrock workouts but it is what it is.

In a week that has been nothing less than rubbish exercise is my salvation.  Sweat instantly makes me feel good.  That is pure cheddar i know but super true.

In other news this lone wanderer decided to make an appearance after 10 days hitting the trail.

I flyered every house in the district, I paid £60 for an advert in our local paper, he was on two local radio stations and i trespassed a whole lot of land trying to find him.  On the 10th night he just waltzed through the cat flap and miaowed for his dinner.  And just so the other ones not too jealous and goes for his own wander here he is too…

If you want to know how i obtained membership for the crazy cat lady society please message me below!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody.  I am looking forward to a much less stressful week, much more exercise and above all else being my little sister’s bridesmaid on Friday.  Sooooo exciting!!

i ♥ bank holidays!

9 May

I love bank holidays and this week we’ve had two.  Yay!  Who doesn’t like free days off work right?  Monday was May Day – we decided to use the day to get a nice long cliff walk in.  Somehow we must have chosen the hardest walk in our area (I knew there was a reason our local bootcamp company use it to kill train people).  It was hard but good fun.  An hour into the walk it started pouring with rain so we had no choice but to stop for a cup of tea.

Despite the rain it really was worth that amazing view.  My thighs and bum were absolutely killing me after that walk though.  So many steps and hills.  TMI?  Sorry but its true.  You think you’re fit and a walk kills you.  What’s up with that?

The second bank holiday is today for us.  I live in Guernsey and 9 May is our Liberation Day, the day we celebrate being liberated from the occupying forces in the Second World War.  It’s a pretty big deal to us, the war changed the face of our Island and there are still plenty of people around (including my Gran) who remember being evacuated and separated from their families during this time.  Last night we went to a Hangar Ball – everyone dresses in 1940’s costumes, there’s a big band, a sing-along and lots of dancing.  It’s very patriotic!

There was also a balloon man (who knew there were such things in the World War II!!!) who was cursing me after i asked for a lion.  Well he did say he’d make any animal i liked….the results were pretty awesome i think you’ll agree.

Oh yes i’m that cool!

I’m having a bit of rest day today.  After the cliff walk on Monday i did a quick 3 mile run yesterday then, in our tightness wisdom we decided not to get a taxi home from the ball and we walked the three(ish) miles home after dancing the night away.  My legs feel like jelly today.  I so need to get some more training in if that 10 miles is not going to kill me!

I hope everyone else is having a good week so far.

who’s idea was this to exercise???

19 Mar

I completed day 2, week 2 of C25K this evening.  That was after also completing my 6 mile cycle commute.  I really did not want to go out this evening – the only way i could get my flagging a** out of the door was to fill up on nutella on toast and a cup of tea first.  Is that wrong?  Definitely negated any calorie burn that’s for sure.  I was well rewarded for getting out there though as there was an amazing after sunset glow over everything.  It was beautiful.  As a result I am sooooo tired now and thinking of calling it a night after I publish this post.

One of the reasons i am loving this C25K app is because it forces me to go out 3 times a week (even if i am less than enthusiastic about it sometimes).  I’m already trying to work out when i’m going to factor in run 3 this week.

The reason I had to haul my bottom out this evening was because i was supposed to go out yesterday but then the sun came out and we decided to go for a nice long hike instead.

We walked along country roads like this…

and cliff paths like this…

But best of all i got to spend a couple of uninterrupted hours just me and my hubby which, with our current schedules, is a huge rarity.  It was awesome and definitely worth skipping a workout for.

I hope you all had good weekends too!

so 420 rep challenge, we meet again

11 Mar

I did the 420 rep challenge again today.  The instructor completes the challenge in 26 mins, last week i did it in about 50 (kinda forgot to set the timer) and today i did it in 42 minutes.  My face went some seriously unattractive shades of red and purple throughout and yet again there was some very unladylike language but i felt amazing afterwards.  Every muscle in my body now aches but its a good ache.

Smug old me followed it up with an everything in salad.  Yum yum.

I’m not perfect though – i followed that up with good old fashioned peanut butter and jam on toast.

Now i have a whole load of boring stuff to do with my Sunday evening – cleaning, ironing, paperwork.  Every week i say i’m going to do this stuff on Friday then lo and behold i’m staring at the upcoming new week from behind an ironing board.  Please tell me i’m not the only one who does this!!

Next week promises to be VERY manic at work so it seems unlikely i’ll get any sewing or knitting done but i will be keeping up with my workouts – it keeps me sane.

See you on the other side of the weekend x