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random phone pics of cycling, beer and birthdays

4 May

despite the fact that i have two pretty awesome cameras i take more pics on my phone than on any camera.  It’s just always there, it takes some pretty fab pics and then i can mess around on snapseed if the mood takes me.  So here’s a few pics from the last few days.  David Bailey eat your heart out…

ImageSome of my birthday cards.

ImageWaiting for hubby so we can ride home to the pub together after work (we had much to put right with the world don’t you know and that can only be done over a pint).  And yes this is the view two minutes away from my office.  How do i get any work done???  I love that there’s one solitary tiny little grey cloud in this picture – like it’s trying to be menacing but it’s just so small and cute!

ImageSwift half birthday pint after a 20k ride (with a 221m climb no less). Thanks to Strava for the stats.  I LOVE Strava and i’m not exactly sure how I managed to live this long without it – I don’t even have premium yet and i’m totally its biggest fan!

Looking back i notice a theme of beer, cycling and birthdays.  I guess that’s the kind of week it’s been. 

Love to you all X


this is how i fly

22 Dec

A week or so ago i had to attend a conference on another Island close by so i got to fly there on what we call a Trislander.  If you happen to be a plane geek their real name is a Britten Norman BN2A Mk. III Trislander.

The planes are tiny little twin props that take fifteen passengers.  You’re loaded in like a car and the staff size you up before you get on.  Safe to say if you keep getting seated in certain seats you may need to re-think your New Year’s Resolutions!

I got stupidly excited about being on this tiny plane as the sun was coming up (after i got over the nerves when it took the pilot three goes to get the engine started!) and took these pics with my iPhone (which explains the dubious quality)….


That’s the sun rising over France.


That’s the pilot with his SatNav despite the fact that you can pretty much see your destination as soon as you take off.  You can (and we did) chat to the pilot if you so wish he’s that close.

This is surely the only way to travel.  I’m a lucky girl that i get to do these things.

I’ve been a domestic goddess this evening making some edible Christmas pressies.  I can’t wait to show you the fruits of my labour but one of the recipients reads my blog so you’ll have to wait until after Christmas.  Safe to say my house smells A-MAZE-ING!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend – I’m off to wrap pressies X

sweat it out Saturday

5 May

This week i think i’ve done so well on my working out, training and signing up for races that i’m finally going to join Stephanie at The New Healthy for Sweat it out Saturday.

This is an amazing forum for bloggers to share in their sweat (although not literally of course – that would be icky) and motivate each other.  The rules are that your post has to make you sweat, motivate you to sweat, or accompany you in your sweatiness.  I’m going to try and do it each Saturday as a way of making myself accountable and getting some inspiration from all you lot out there. If i don’t workout i’ll have nothing to post about and my blog will be even more boring than usual!!

So my week looked like this:

Sunday – 3 mile run with my slow sister

Monday – First touch rugby training (not too energetic though – mostly just me trying to not look too confused while running through drills then watching a real game!)

Tuesday – 7 mile cycle and 3 mile run

Wednesday – 7 mile cycle

Thursday – yoga class followed by touch rugby training (very energetic and sooo much fun)

Friday – 7 mile cycle (was supposed to run afterwards but the weather was so nasty i just got my slippers on and vegged out)

Saturday – rest day

Next week i want to get in some longer runs and some bodyrock workouts as i’m really missing my strength training – i’m a bit of a cardio queen at the moment!

I’m all signed up and registered for the following races now:

Race for Life 5K (this month – eek)

Guernsey Marathon in August (as part of a 5 girl relay team)

Cycletta 40k cycle in October

BUPA Great South Run 10 miles in October

And finally check out these beautiful flowers my husbands folks sent us to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.  I can’t believe such an awesome man has put up with me for a whole 366 days as a wife!  Yay!

What have you been up to this week?

First project and keeping those NY resolutions

14 Jan

Today's brekkie

So…first project of the year cannot be started on an empty stomach so I made these pancakes.  It being January these were protein pancakes with cottage cheese rather than bacon and syrup but they were scrummy.  Since I bought my new toy last week (my Nikon J1) I’ve been obsessed with photographing my meals so I’m afraid there will be more of these to come!

Following with the healthy theme i also hit it up with some HIIT (high intensity interval training).  Not only thrifty in terms of wallet but thrifty in terms of time.  All done in 20mins, no special equipment required and absolute torture.  Bargain.

My first project of 2012 is going to be a navy cropped blazer I’m going to make from scratch.  The pattern says it is for beginners so here goes…

my chosen material

my chosen machine - a mini sewing machine

I’ll keep you updated on the progress of this.

Questions – what crafty projects are you working on?

Anyone else still sticking to their NY resolutions?