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BUPA Great South Run here i come…

29 Apr

Yes that’s right everyone, I’ve signed up to run the BUPA Great South Run on 28 October.  It’s 10 miles.  I think i’m crazy.  Let’s put that in perspective for all of you who run 10 miles before breakfast … i’ve only ever run about 7k consecutively in my whole entire life.  At school i would do pretty much anything to get out of PE lessons and here i am voluntarily strapping on trainers and pounding the pavements for 10 whole miles!  Eeek!

I decided i’m going to run in aid of a local cancer charity.  Read this post to see why.  I took this ‘hilarious’ picture of myself in my brightest work out gear (I promise i don’t go out like this everyday…yet) to go on my donations page.

I really needed a challenge and maybe it was because it was my birthday week or maybe it was being inspired by Skinny Runner running a gazillion miles in 9 days (seriously the girl is nuts but you so need to check out her blog to read about her man-up week if you haven’t already) but for one reason or another i decided to go for it.

But it doesn’t stop there – i am also putting together a relay team to run a Marathon in August with some colleagues from work (there’s no truth in the rumour i’m having it written into their annual appraisal objectives – for some reason that’s frowned upon at my work).  A friend and I are really hoping to take part in Cycletta later in the year in aid of Macmillan Cancer.  Cycletta is a women only cycling event for all abilities – there are a number of 40k rides up and down the UK.  I’m also participating in the 5K Race for Life next month for Cancer Research UK.  I’ll keep you updated on all of these and if anyone else is doing any of these then let me know.

I can only think its writing this blog and reading so many amazing other blogs by people like me that has given me the inspiration to find and sign up to these events.

The best bit is my wonderful, amazing husband bought me the Garmin Forerunner 305 for my birthday!!  Aaaahhhhhhhhh!  The eagle eyed of you will have spotted it in the photo above.  So he either listens to my constant “i wants” or he reads my blog!

Oh hello beautiful….

It’s already done two outings with me and i am in love with my husband my Garmin.

And finally…look how much Coco gives a monkey about my blog.  Apparently laps are for cats not for laptops.

Anyone else doing the Great South Run?  Anyone got an awesome 10 mile training plan they want to share?


it’s just so unexpected…

27 Apr

Look at this lovely thing…

The really rather wonderful findingwonderwoman has given me this lovely ABC award.  It’s so gold and shiny!  I think I’m in love.  I’m so flattered, especially as i love her blog (ok a lot of blog love going on here – bear with me), not least because she writes honestly and with bundles of humour but also because she nabbed THE best blog name in history.  Seriously why didn’t i come up with that?  If you haven’t already go check her out – you will not be disappointed.

I’m trying to remember the last time i got an award…oh yeah that’s because it was about twenty years ago at school – and that was pretty much just for turning up to  a music class – so i’m pretty pumped about receiving this one!

What has really surpassed my expectation since i started blogging is just how supportive the blogosphere is.  People you’ve never met and who may live on the other side of the world to you give you encouragement, inspire you and make you laugh on a daily basis.  It makes me smile.

So far as i can tell the rules are i have to tell you 26 things about myself in alphabetical order.  So i’ll try and keep this interesting (but it’s waaay harder than it looks):

Alice in Wonderland – fave book, hence blog title

Blogger & loving it

Colleague, love my girlys (and the guys of course) from work

Dancer (of the living room variety)


Faddy – in music, in food, in exercise – i throw myself into one thing then get sick of it quite quickly

Girlfriend, of the platonic variety.  Never underestimate the power of your girlfriends.  I have the best.



John – married to

Kitty lover, Coco and George wake me up at stupid o’clock most mornings by clawing my hair, they demand food whenever, wherever, they bring home dead stuff, they sit in my seat and they will only give affection when they feel like it, heck sometimes they don’t even come home but i love them

Love, one of my favourite words, i may overuse it a tad

Marathon runner wannabe, so i haven’t completed c25k yet, girl gotta dream big

Nonsense – i talk a lot of it!!

Old car owner, its 21 and i love it

Phobic of heights but not much else

Queen of cupcakes, made them about twice, now everyone thinks its my thing.  I don’t think they realise how easy they are to make…

Right, usually (ho ho)


Timely, if i’m anything i am ALWAYS on time, it’s annoying

Umbrella avoider, i’m too short, it’s lethal

Vinyl fan, sooo much better than CDs


Xcellent cup of tea maker (ok i cheated but i’m seriously picky about my tea so it’s got to go in somewhere)

Yapper, i talk a lot, mostly about nothing

Zoo – Jersey, one of my favourite places

I also have to pass this award on to deserving bloggers.  This was really hard, almost as hard as trying to think of 26 words.  Every blog I follow is awesome, otherwise i wouldn’t follow it.  But these are the ones i picked:

Simply. Madly. Me

Diary of a half hearted gym junkie



You might be able to see a theme running there…ooh and i got in a pun.

Happy Friday everyone x

whoop whoop! birthday running goodies!

24 Apr

It’s my birthday this week so i treated myself to some goodies from  I tend to think of Wiggle as a cycling shop and i’ve bought cycling stuff from them before but they also have a fab running section which is super easy to use with lots of honest customer reviews on stuff and blogs with loads of useful info!  Plus the order came in about a day and a half.  Before i carry on i should say i’ve not been paid to say any of this stuff, nor did i get anything for free (more’s the pity) so this is truely my own opinion.

So, moving on, I never thought i would get this excited about new running stuff but i really am.  My PE teacher from school would be choking on her whistle!!  I guess this might make me a real runner.

Here’s my bounty:

Including a very bright Nike running skirt with integrated shorts, citrus flavour Nuun rehydration tablets, 15 Clif bars and these sexy things…

I’m very lucky in that i’ve never really experienced any injuries or proper pain from running, or any kind of exercise.  A lot of discomfort and sore muscles but no pain.  The one thing i do get is quite hot achey feet and calves after running so after reading about compression technology on loads of running sites i decided to give these a try.  I shall let you know how i get on with them.

The Nuun tablets are very yummy – i’ve popped those babies open already and they did a great job of hydrating me after my cycle ride and bodyrock workout.

Anyone noticed yet that i have a bit of a thing for bright workout gear??? That hot pink is going to go great with my turquoise Nikes.

So happy birthday to me.  There may be more treats this week – i’m hankering after a new road bike and a Garmin Forerunner for my running.  I haven’t spent any money on myself for ages so maybe this week is the week to break the bank.  I’ll keep you posted.

Also, i might have some race news to update you on shortly.  I’m getting very excited about this as there may be several races on the horizon…all the more reason for a Garmin!!

Anyone else spent way too much on themselves this week?  Who’s been registering for races?

whining while i’m winning!!

22 Apr

yesterday we hit up this lovely place for lunch…

It’s one of our favourite places to eat of a weekend and with views like this it’s no wonder…

I had the seafood salad.  It was more seafood than salad but it was very yummy. You can see John’s quiche in the background.  Also yummy (i can vouch for this – thanks John!).

oh hello lovely sunglasses!!  These have been getting a lot of outings since i bought them.  If you’re wondering about the weird pic it was taken through the lens of my film SLR with my digital SLR.

As for workouts this weekend – today i did the Bodyrock 420 rep challenge.  Again.  This time i did it in 38.31.  Shaving a whole 4 minutes of my last time.  A million apologies to my poor hubby who had to listen to a lot of whining throughout those 38.31 minutes (and a lot little after).

Yesterday i completed day 1 of week 6 of c25k and i loved it.  This resulted in quite a large spend on for new running gear.  Cannot wait for that delivery to show up.

Hope you all had a fun weekend.  Anyone get any crazy workouts in?

chickpea overload?

20 Apr

My lunch today:

chickpea salad with houmous on the side (well on the top and the side really).  Totally yummy.  And for the record i’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as too many chickpeas!  The people who sat next to me all afternoon may disagree!

My bike computer seems to have given up the ghost and look where it got stuck:

I was sooo looking forward to seeing it flip over to 300 miles but its been stuck on 298 for two days now.  Grrrr.  Still when someone buys me a lovely Garmin for my birthday next week i won’t need it anymore!!!

That’s all i’ve got today – enjoy your Friday night.  I’m going to watch a friends band on their first outing so should be good.

It’s the weekend – whoop whoop!

new sunnies and week 5 of c25k done

19 Apr

last weekend i purchased new sunglasses.  the weather has subsequently turned very, very rubbish here.  the two may or may not be connected.

I’d had my eye on these Oakley’s for a long time but due to the price tag i just couldn’t decide…

one electricity bill rebate later and i finally decided to get them (well it is also my birthday next week).  They are from Oakley’s active range so they have grips on the nose and bits that go on your ears.  No idea what the techy terms are for these things but in a nutshell – they don’t fall off your face when you’re sweating like a pig in a heat wave!!  They don’t seem to fog up either.

I tested the glasses on a bike ride and a run and so far so good.  I like to think i look like a VIP in these.  I would suggest most sane people think differently!

I finished week 5 of c25k yesterday.  The last day i had to run 20 minutes straight which i was a bit nervous about but i managed it.  Actually i did stop briefly when someone’s puppy jumped all over me and a second time to blow my nose but after discussing this with my husband we concluded that (a) this wasn’t cheating and (b) i’m a nutcase for even asking!  So tomorrow it’s the start of week 6.  It looks like the runs become longer in time now so that should be interesting.  As i’m using the iphone app i don’t tend to look ahead much – i just do what it tells me to everytime i go out.  I think this is for the best for me personally, taking it one day at a time.

The weird thing is i actually enjoy running now!  And i look forward to the next one!  Who’da thunk it!

overnight oats

16 Apr

Last night i made overnight oats.  Now i know this isn’t a new thing but it’s new to me ok?  I’m so not trendy when it comes to my breakfast choices.  I eat porridge most weekday mornings.   Occasionally i push the boat out and enjoy a bowl of bran flakes!  I can’t really be inventive at that time of the morning so it’s almost always porridge with some kinda milk, chia seeds and some kind of fruit.  It works so i don’t mess.  Weekends are different – i’m all over the pancakes, eggs etc when i’ve got the time and i’ve shaken off the morning fuzziness.

Last night i decided to go all out and try something new (well, basically cold porridge).  The trick is to soak your oats in pretty much anything, mix it with pretty much anything and leave overnight.  It’s then all ready for you to eat the next day.  I tried half water half hazelnut milk.  Hazelnut milk is my new thing – if you haven’t tried it you’ve got to – it kinda tastes like nutella.  Yum!  I digress…then i added chia seeds, cinnamon and a whole bunch of frozen berries.  Before i went to bed it looked like this:

Then when i got up this morning it looked like this:

Don’t worry i didn’t leave the spoon in.  It was nice but those berries were seriously tart.  I should have tried them first.  I think i’ll be going back to good old fashioned porridge tomorrow.

This weekend i finished the cowl i’d been knitting.  It’s made with cashmere wool so its super soft.  I love it, although not quite winter any more so i don’t know how much wear i’ll get out of it:

I’m quite impressed that i actually finished something.  Huzzah for me!  Now what to make next…I’m hoping to make a skirt on my sewing machine so i’ll let you know how that goes.

Do you have any fab ideas for spicing up (maybe not literally) oats?  Let me know your breakfast secrets.  I’m still searching for that elusive breakfast that will keep me full until lunch.

Must go now as my lovely hubby is just finishing my dinner!